Daniel Payne wrote this and it appeared on the blog “Just the News”


I have been very vocal in pushing the idea that this is phony climate war that has little if to do with true science. Recently I have written on how this is a direct attack on our way of life, and that is where the real “fight” is, not a bunch of warrior wannabe’s portraying themselves as saviors of mankind.

I don’t know how much more we need to see from President Biden and the climate team he has surrounded himself with to understand what this is about. In a way, I should be grateful that this is all coming out because the book I wrote counters all of it with factual events among other things, so that means it will sell more. But alas, what good is it to gain the world ( sell more books) if you lose your soul ( in this case the Judeo-Christian way of life this nation is based on).

But the article written by Mr Payne shows precisely how they really do not care what you think. Lady Gaga, that giant of science, showed up in Pennsylvania crushing beer cans in a combat outfit to show voters that Joe Biden was really a good old boy that had their best interest at heart despite him advocating policies that would tear right at the heart of the states economy. Yet somehow Pennsylvania voters demonstrated how “shallow” they were by giving the state to Mr. Biden, if you believe the results. I am not going to get into that part, but it really should not have been close on the fracking issue and the implications to the states economy. Its not just about fracking, cause like it or not, there is a rippling effect through out the whole economy.

But where we are now is our own darn fault as a country. We have grown comfortable and complacent. There is no way our freedoms can continue unless we are virtuous and vigilant. We have John Kerry flying around the world to accept climate awards, and when explaining why he is using a jet that emits more co2 than a small western Pa town does in a week, he explained that it was the only choice for a person like him. Wait a minute. Don’t you serve us? Why are you not flying coach to get your award ( over a phony climate war) like the rest of us. Or better still why not just do it over zoom and have them mail it to you. Much more carbon friendly. But his actions are typical of the “Let them eat cake” action that we see today. I venture to say most conservatives know where that statement came from, but I suspect people now seeing what is going on that voted for Mssr. Biden (how do you like the way I got that French connection in there, given the “Let them Eat Cake” motif. Besides William F Buckley used to do that, and though I am no Buckley, I do love the way he wrote) Now there are rumors that is was not Marie Antoinette that coined that phrase, but no matter, the glass slipper fits here, and it’s the climate change zealots that wear it.

As far as the poll, let me state for the kajillionith time that I believe the climate changes. I believe it is warmer than it was 50 years ago, largely due to cyclical ocean warming that is driven by factors that have nothing to do with mans input of co2. But that is another story that has been exhausted and as I said,’ this is a phony climate war. The subject of Mr Paynes article has to do with a) people not believing it, b) not wanting to see our economy crash and c) the fact that the Biden administration really does not care. They could care less that maybe you like your job the way it is, they will retrain you for according to them a better job. Perhaps like the old Soviet Union, which had virtually no unemployment ( hire 5 people to do the job of 1 was a great Marxist trick) maybe your newly retrained jog will be so lucrative, you too can fly on private jets around the world because you can become a person like John Kerry.

Most cakes are just empty calories. Many voters are waking up to what this is about. They have absorbed what are empty calories on many issues. We get the leaders we deserve, and if the stroke of president Bidens pen is going to wipe away jobs for many people, its because there are a lot of people that have eaten nothing but cake as far as digging into facts. And like anyone fed a diet of cake, your health is going to suffer. So it is with our nation and what this phony climate war is doing.


  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here. phonyclimatewar.com