Freshman lawmaker Byron Donalds, a congressman representing Florida’s 19th Congressional District, is a rising star in the Republican Party. More positively, Rep. Donalds is attuned to the needs of his constituents with respect to environmental stewardship.

Donalds is keenly aware of how fragile and delicate conditions are environmentally and economically in his district, since it is home to some of the nation’s bests fishing and tourist spots. Donalds doesn’t believe farmers are solely to blame for his district’s water quality issues; Florida’s rising population and the density associated with it are contributing too.

In Episode 147 of District of Conservation, Gabriella debuts a teaser of her interview with freshman Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida’s 19th Congressional District. In this exclusive clip, the congressman chats FL-19, water quality issues, and environmental stewardship.

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