“The big push in Everglades restoration to that they don’t understand the natural historic way water wanted to flow. They’re only focused on getting water through one particular slew into Everglades National Park and force it there unnaturally and getting it on to Florida Bay. But by doing that they’re consigning the death of the west or southwestern portion of the Everglades that also needed to have fresh water.” – Betty Osceola

“Many people move to Florida from a urban environment. And they don’t understand what cattle ranches do or what farmers do. And they haven’t got a connection to the land in the same way. So that’s why I stuck with it because I felt there was a need for sort of an outsider’s perspective in service in order to protect what needed Floridians. You know, people who are born and raised generationally here do and there’s a lot that they provide right.” – Nyla Pipes

In Episode 163 of District of Conservation, Gabriella presents listeners with Part II of this week’s “Keepers of the Everglades” series. This episode features Betty Osceola and Nyla Pipes. Betty operates Buffalo Tiger Airboats and is a member of the Miccosukee Tribe, while Nyla runs One Florida Foundation.

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Photo Credit: Mike Elf


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