Under the heading “climate change,” the folks over at Earther/Gizmodo write that the “First-Ever Observations From Under Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Are Bad News.

Bad news or not, the story about an unmanned submarine measuring water temperature beneath Thwaite’s Glacier and the potential impact on sea level leaves out a crucial point.  Scientists have long established that warm water temperature beneath the glacier are majorly impacted by volcanic activity.   There is a tectonic fissure directly below Antarctica’s Pine Island ice shelf.

Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin concluded that, “The cause of the variable distribution of heat beneath the glacier is thought to be the movement of magma and associated volcanic activity arising from the rifting of Earth’s crust beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.”

Many more scientific publications have weighed in on the geothermal origins of the warm water beneath the glacier.

Just how much doom will flow from the volcanic warm water beneath Thwaite’s Glacier is a worthy topic for further study.  However, alarming stories under the heading “climate change” that omit the geothermal origin of the warm water are deliberately misleading attempts to boost the global warming narrative.

Scientists have yet to reveal any amount of regulation, taxation and redistribution sufficient to cool a volcano.


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