“I don’t have much faith in Deb Haaland as the Secretary of Interior. She seems to be more of a preservationist over a conservationist. And SCI [Safari Club International] asked her if they could get a no-net loss commitment on basically public land access for the purpose of hunting and fishing, and she would not commit to that.” — Cable Smith, host of Lone Star Outdoor Show

In Episode 166 of District of Conservation, Gabriella is joined by Lone Star Outdoor Show host Cable Smith. Gabriella first appeared on Cable’s show a few months ago. Gabriella and Cable discuss what’s trending in conservation, hunting, firearms, ATF appointments, National Parks, and more.

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Show Notes:

ATF Director Nominee David Chipman – Washington Free Beacon

Biden’s Interior Using Pandemic Rules to Limit National Park Attendance  – NY Post

Rep. McClain’s Bill to Prevent National Park Closures

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  • Gabriella Hoffman

    Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the "District of Conservation" podcast and CFACT's original YouTube series "Conservation Nation." Learn more about her work at www.gabriellahoffman.com