“Even if her role in spiking trees in a national forest was minimal, the fact she stood by and allowed this criminal action to take place could have resulted in critical injuries or worse to career public servants who were just performing their duties. As a 30-year BLM career employee, I don’t take her actions lightly, nor should anyone else. If Stone-Manning participated in any aspect of planning, implementation or cover-up in the spiking of trees, then she should not be confirmed.” — Bob Abbey, BLM Director from 2009-2012 , said to E&E News

In Episode 194 of District of Conservation, Gabriella updates listeners on four important news updates: growing bipartisan calls for BLM Director Nominee Tracy Stone-Manning to withdraw her nomination, Biden’s intent to undo Trump-era WOTUS rules reforms, two Western Governors excluded from Biden’s meeting about wildfire preparedness, and coal’s surprising comeback post-pandemic.


BLM Director Nominee: Dallas Safari Club, Senators BarrassoSullivan, and Obama BLM Director call for her to withdraw nod

Western Caucus blasts WOTUS rules tweaking by Biden’s EPA

Governors Gianforte and Little excluded from wildfire management talks

WSJ: Coal’s staying power


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Credit: Image by Daniel Bisett from Pixabay 


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