“Granholm is connected to Proterra. I don’t think I remember seeing her sell the stock. I’ve been looking at her financial disclosures, and she’s been periodically offloading lots of different stocks that she owns. But I didn’t remember seeing her, you know, she had a bunch of stocks. Very common. Proterra was not yet a public company. But she had a ton of shares in it, and she hadn’t offloaded. And we’ve known this whole time that Proterra was scheduled to go public in the first half of 2021, which it did. It ultimately did and [in] June of this year, so I thought that’s interesting. All right. Well, let me write something up on this. It was a little bit convoluted.” — Matthew Foldi, Washington Free Beacon reporter

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In Episode 199 of District of Conservation, Gabriella is joined by Washington Free Beacon reporter Matthew Foldi to talk about the Proterra scandal befalling the new Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Matthew discusses what led him to covering this story, how it compares to Solyndra from the Obama years, why establishment environmental reporters only offer glowing coverage of the Biden administration, and much more.


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