“I always had a fishing rod in my hand and my dad was really adamant he grew up in the southwest so he had access to those public lands growing up so he kind of instilled the value of being outdoors. We had a camper growing up. So I always kind of thought I wanted to do something outside. When I got to college, I pursued a degree and got a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management to kind of follow through with with that passion. I was one of those things where I just I’m the only one in my family to kind of go that route. My entire family is pharmacists. Which is what I thought I was going to be when I when I got to school but didn’t take me long before I picked up a minor in Wildlife and Fisheries and quickly thereafter switch majors Wildlife and Fisheries and that’s what I stuck with. In the past worked for like West Virginia DNR worked for that state agency for a little while work for the Forest Service for a little while.” – Zack Vucurevich, founder/owner of Whetstone Habitat

In Episode 210 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Zack Vucurevich – founder and owner of Whetstone Habitat, LLC.

Whetstone works with landowners to develop and implement management practices across their property that are more sustainable and beneficial for the native wildlife and plant communities. Zach holds a B.S. in wildlife and fisheries management (WVU) and is Level II Deer Steward (National Deer Alliance). Connect with him at [email protected] and IG/YouTube @whetstonehabitat.

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