There are 2 NOAA’s that I have observed. Many of the rank and file, in fact, most, are crack forecasters that may believe co2 is a factor in the weather but do not let it get in their way of doing a great job. There are researchers, etc, I will never meet, that I owe a debt of gratitude for because they have compiled a largely untouched by agenda-driven people, a treasure trove of past events that I use to forecast.  Odd someone labeled a climate denier forms the basis of his forecasting on past events as much as the virtual reality of modeling that is all over the place.  I suspect this will disappear in the future since many of the new school meteorologists are model-driven and also have been schooled in the ways of academia which is all in with man-made climate change.

But then there is the NOAA publicity arm,  empowered by the Biden administration, to push a one-sided climate doctrine. This weaponization is very easy to do. Simply present one side of the story with no competing missives. The good thing is it gives skeptics a chance to tear it apart.  Quite frankly it is like shooting fish in a barrel but the problem is no one will pay attention including people in government that should be more proactive in standing up and the media, especially our side..  They have been steamrolled by this and outflanked and outfought, Which is why Green New Deals in one form or the other are taking over today.

So  here is the latest:

Right off the bat, how was it so hot then without man’s influence?  Can you tell us that?  Why would it not happen again if it happened before?

Secondly was it really that “hot”?

If we look at the summer this year. we see the mean temperature was very warm in the north and west, cool across the south


How does that stack up against 1936?

It was warmer in the heartland that year and so more people were impacted then and would have been impacted now.


but they are using the word “hot”.  This is a mean temperature, meaning high and low.  Hot is how you feel.  If we are going to look at so-called hot, we must look at high temperatures, because that is when it is truly hot.

this summer ( through July, August was cooler, but for some reason the Site we are using is not working for that)image.gif

1936 was hotter in. a larger area



This year




this plainly shoots down the co2 argument since the nighttime lows are kept up by increased water vapor   So it was drier in the 1930s and hence the reason for the MEANS BEING WARM ENOUGH FOR NOAA TO MAKE THE CLAIM is due to nighttime lows. It’s hardly “hot” at night, So the finger is pointed at water vapor, not co2. This would make sense given its role as a GHG. .  Saturation mixing ratios correlations with temperatures ( g/kg wv) would explain this, but no one wants to use that to quantify because it would explain it and show there is not an emergency.  Why more water vapor? Warmer oceans. Why warmer oceans?  A myriad of natural reasons that given our lack of knowledge of the oceans,  hardly says it has to be co2, or that it has any effect, given the oceans, are the greatest reservoir of co2 so if they warm, then  co2 gets released. One theory involves. cross cycle intersection many decades or even centuries in the making. Another is the sun and stored energy from 200 years of high sunspot activity,  Another is geothermal, the release of warm plumes through the crust at the bottom of the ocean. The point is that there are reasons for this, and you have to go way back to get to co2 as the driver. The obvious cause is increased water vapor.   Even if you add it in as a driver, the other factors are acting to minimize it, I doubt the average journalist would even look at that.

But there is more. If you want to compare 36 ( or a slew of summers in the 30s, not just one). look at the drought index

this year


yes it is bad in the west and north, but look at the south and east

Now look at 1936


seriously, do you want to compare this year to what was going on then? ( without co2 influence… because this is not co2 in either case)

But wait there is more, Why does CBS or any other outlet let these people off the hook for the new dust bowl hysteria that they were pushing after 2012? Just how has that worked out?


IT IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.   Why is it  wetter in the east than the northwest after all there is an ocean west of the Western US

THE GULF AND ATLANTIC ARE WARMER AND SUPPLY MORE MOISTURE.  The pacific is a cooler ocean so increases in WV are not enough to offset the naturally drier climate anyway. Its perfectly explained and mans influence is questionable at best.

Now look at that, and compare it to the 1930s.


why in heavens name, with trillions of taxpayer dollars and personal freedoms on the line, does the American public blindly accept what they are told?

But wait there is more ( there always is)

Does anyone that writes or promotes this actually look for a link that shows them today is simply the past repeating?  You want to use 1936,  fine, that is a classic trap!!!

Look at Feb that year and this year



extreme cold in the heartland right

Extremes begat extremes.  this July the heat was in the NW


but it also showed up, in 1936 over the plains


But where is the journalistic curiosity to question the authority of the NOAA output? Again this is not from their forecast branch, but I suspect is due to marching orders from on high to push climate change.  And where is the curiosity in people putting this out to simply go to their own sites to put this in perspective and then at least remark on the other factors that were at play?

It is the Weaponization of Weather for a purpose.  A comfortable and complacent public, who quite frankly had no idea how bad things were across the board in the 1930s,  is led to believe it’s the worse ever now, What a joke. I have no desire to see how tough I am by living in times like the 1930s, and I at least have a realistic view of how much better life is on planet earth today.  Part of this may be to prey, if I may use the word, on the intentions of people that do seek to reach beyond their grasp and do something bigger than themselves.  Manipulation by those that seek control of that good intention may certainly be in play here.   Remember journalism and reporting today is different than it was. In the old days, reporters were encouraged to question authority and find the story behind the story.  Now they get marching orders and then proceed.   And sadly weather and climate are victims now.


  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.