On Tuesday, the Highlands Tea Party in Sebring, FL turned out in force to hear from CFACT President Craig Rucker on the issues of climate change and the Green New Deal.

Speaking to a packed room of roughly 90 people in attendance, Rucker took aim at recent initiatives undertaken by the Biden administration to stymie oil and gas development, rejoin the Paris accord, and use executive orders to roll back many of Trump administration’s environmental and energy achievements.

“While worries about climate change may not rank high on the minds of most Americans, at least according to polling, they do with the Biden Administration. He believes global warming to be not the number two or three most pressing issue, but the number one most pressing issue of our time – even over what one might consider more important other things like immigration, China, lockdowns and Afghanistan.”

When he finished, Rucker’s talk was warmly received and met with good applause. John Larsen, a Highlands Tea Party leader who organized the presentation thanked Rucker and praised his lecture as being “informative and educational, especially about the pending loss of freedoms if the Green new deal or other so called Climate Change restrictions are put in place by the current administration.”


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