“I think you’re absolutely right to about Europe having it right….You don’t hunt unless you have a silencer. Unless you have a suppressor, it’s kind of just the way that they do it. I think a lot of it comes down to education as well. Shauna talked about the narrative around suppressors. There was a lot of narrative out there—most of it, most of the negative narrative. In fact, all of the negative narrative was generated by somebody who’s never shot suppressed who doesn’t work for any company—a suppressor company— a firearms company, and a lot of them haven’t even shot before. There’s just a narrative that they’re creating. So education plays really big into it, which is, you know, what we do.” — Matt Pinnell, communications manager at SilencerCo

In Episode 212 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with SilencerCo’s Matt Pinnell and Shauna Young. Matt serves as their Communications Manager, while Shauna serves as their Public Relations Specialist. They demystify suppressors, explain the NFA process to obtain them, their inherent benefits, why Europe gets suppressors right and we don’t, their “American Gun Campaign” out now, and much more. 

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