One of the most frustrating things to me about watching climate and weather being dragged throughthe sewer designed to destroy the foundations of what made this country great, is the short-sightedness of people that are supposed to be standing against this,   Its as if they never believed this would be a big deal and so have never taken the left seriously.    Well given what has been shoved down our throats, it may be too late.

I am talking in the the halls of government and media to some extent, Always been a side issue when nothing else is going on. While I am biased toward weather and climate cause I am head over heels in love with it,  there is still truth in what I am saying, We have been steamrolled.

The left has created the problem it then blames on the right, The classic case was Texas.  No one was saying boo about what was going to happen but my company  6-10 days in advance( we have clients) No matter how hard I tried to get people to listen, because they were infatuated with the sham impeachment. they simply let it happen,. So when Texas is freezing the left, who of course had no idea the cold was coming, then blames fossil fuel failure and they get away with it. I set the traps on CFACT and Twitter, but seriously with no media or political people willing to step up it was too late.  ( Friday night before was way too late. I was begging some of my outlets to let me come on for 2 minutes on Wednesday before to set it up.)  Come Monday morning they blame fossil fuels for something that was clearly due to the failure of wind turbines in west Texas. The setup was a study in green madness. I am all for renewables as a supplement to the main supply, but making it so they were the glue that held it together was madness IMO)   Because of Obama era mandates on how much renewable energy must be used,  the electricity needed to run the compressors that push natural gas thru the pipeline was not there.  If you take 20% of your electricity off the grid with overpowering demand from cold, what do you think is going to happen?  But who created that problem? And who allowed it?  And by the way, there was time to get ready as we clearly showed well before the fact. I laid the trap. It would have taken 5 minutes on a Tuesday or Wednesday news show before the freeze hit to lay it, but instead, just go along with one commentary after another on the impeachment. Come Monday morning the number one news story is Texas and the snakes in the grass attack. They successfully set up the formula for disaster, had no idea it was coming till it came, but then weaponize it and blame fossil fuels

Here is a blog from the freeze showing how far in advance it was seen

Here read this blog: ( this was on the near-disaster ERCOT had in June from heat)

( Thank God for CFACT where we can show the why before the what)

The point is in both cases the left lays in wait and because no one will listen before ( be it media, congress or whatever, and I am talking about people that are supposed to be offering support for stopping this steamroller), it gets out there as another example of climate change. What is disgusting is that the people doing it either know about past events that set it up and simply lie, or do not and do not care too. Either way, it’s deceit or ignorance that captures the day, but it’s because we have let it!

You can get people ahead of the game on this stuff and can stop suffering for one, and for two you do not enact policies that in reality ENHANCE SUFFERING.  This of course creates dissatisfaction and leaves the people clamoring for a solution, and leftist are more than happy to step in. So its a case of creating the problem, or the misery,  blame anyone in your way and then claim you can fix it. There is no reason it should have gotten to this level in climate and weather.

On a grander scale nationally it may be about to happen again Since Spring has been laying out a path, based on strong past weather patterns. that took the cold May and hyperactive Madden Julian Oscillation and projected ahead 9 months in advance. I showed people that read CFACT  what we had been showing clients ( who get ready well beforehand) with this July 7th post showing the research and the sarcastic lament that if I believe man was destroying the planet it would get attention:

The cold May, the high impact hurricane season ( not just numbers in the middle of nowhere, but we show where we think they are going to go and do so from April). a warm US Sept and October then the deep dive into winter. What seems to be endless summer turns into sudden winter.  The links are remarkable, ( please read the blog above)

But if my forecast has merit, and it’s colder than normal ( not even some of the doozies that have occurred, 1950,1989 for example are in the mix), the left, thru their handcuffing of our nations energy supply would have created the formula for disaster. Bottlenecks of energy because we will not be able to keep up, The fact is demand alone means slightly colder is a big deal IF YOU ARE CUTTING THE LIFELINE OF ENERGY which is still fossil fuels. So if we run out, who will they turn around and blame.  And get away with!!!!

So there are other forecasts out there that mimic what you see in the blog above, and again that was based on a flow chart constructed through analogging past patterns, from back in the spring.  So I am seeing some forecasts using other methods coming toward ours.  But as one weather domino after the other gets knocked off ( Cold May, active hurricane impact season for North America, the warm Sept/Oct and the hurricane season late into October ) the last part of this is the cold start. A start that is made more perilous due to policies enacted to cause exactly that, peril to people,  and then weaponize the weather to push the agenda.

As far as the mess we are in, we only have ourselves to blame. Nature abhors a vacuum. and the left has gladly stepped in. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually picks up on this. My job is to nail the weather which I do for my clients and quite frankly like to show the public so they come to us to see what we are up to.  But on this issue, people have not picked up on what is going on.  And if this plays out with the cold start there are going to be problems and the left is going to use it as a battering ram again to blame fossil fuels even as they work to create the shortage.

God help us if the 1950 or 1989 analogs show up. ( In fact God help us no matter what.)


  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.