“The chance of you dying from a climate-related disaster is 1/50 what it would have been 100 years ago. So think about that we’re 50 times safer from climate in terms of mortality. And yet, we view it as an emergency…Well, the way I like to explain it, fossil fuels didn’t take a safe climate and make it dangerous. They took a dangerous climate, and made it far safer.” —Alex Epstein

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In Episode 233 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes Center for Industrial Progress founder, author, and philosopher Alex Epstein to the program. In this exclusive teaser clip fo her forthcoming YouTube interview and Townhall.com write-up, Alex discusses what led him to start the Center for Industrial Progress and the problem with efforts to decarbonize in the U.S. Tune in!


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Photo Credit: Gabriella Hoffman / Zoom


  • Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the "District of Conservation" podcast and CFACT's original YouTube series "Conservation Nation." Learn more about her work at www.gabriellahoffman.com