“I had to go through the legal tests— the competency tests. And then the last part, which is the part that really, really sort of trips up a lot of people is that you have to write a I mean, aside from obviously not having any sort of criminal or violent background, you have to write a motivational to what you your local police officers call your designated Firearms Officer, which is basically the police officer in charge of overseeing firearms licensing in that area. So obviously, if you have things like DUIs, domestic battery, that sort of thing, then you’re out immediately. However, the CFR is sort of designed to just be backlogged and discourage people from being armed.” — Odin Wotua, Ph.D candidate at Florida State University and president of FSU Libertarians.

In Episode 249 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes her new friend Odin Wotua, a graduate student at Florida State University, to the podcast. A South Africa native, Odin is pursuing his Ph.D. and currently serves as president of the FSU College Libertarians.

Gabriella and Odin discuss what Americans can learn from South Africa’s failed gun control experience, the differences between gun ownership/permit licenses in the U.S. and South Africa, rise of gun ownership, trophy hunting in Africa/neocolonialism in wildlife conservation, and much more.

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