As one who has published quite few long books I admire an author who gets to their point and does not cause a reader more time and effort than necessary. Admittedly publishers frequently have a template for how long a book should be and the author has little choice. Donn has managed to convince publishers that less is better.

I have read 4 of Donn’s books on energy, climate and carbon dioxide and one on the Paris Climate Accord which itself was, is and will always be the best explanation of the horrid United Nations boondoggle.

His newest book is titled NET-ZER0 CARBON which documents the complete impossible absurdity to convert life on Earth to one which would allow no emissions of Caron Dioxide. Recognize that using the word CARBON is a trick euphemism for carbon dioxide. The gas we exhale moment by moment that allows vegetation to live around us and keep all life on Earth, LIFE ON EARTH. (No, that is not redundant).

You are reading about bringing our world to a point where we emit no CO2 within a few decades, every single day now in newspapers, magazines and hearing about it on radio and TV shows. The leftists who promote this absurdity make you think it is all about coal, oil and natural gas for transportation and electric energy without explaining that 6,000 products most of us use everyday could not exist without chemicals derived from petroleum.

What these ignorant socialists are ultimately desiring, is to bring the world’s population to its knees begging for energy from the government which will have to ration it. Energy costs are rising dramatically across the world. Those in the lowest economic groups whose energy bill takes up the largest percentage of their budget are already being hurt the most. Through Europe and England the punishment is already negatively impacting their populations. Ultimately the idea of eliminating carbon dioxide emissions is absurd and impossible but the effort in that direction will wreak havoc on the way for the entire population recognizing this is a Fool’s Errand.

Donn Dears in this 102 page large print well referenced and indexed narrative, tells the reader all they will ever NEED to know about trying to eliminate CO2 emissions from life as we know it. In fact there would be no life as we know it if they were to even partially succeed. Well, they can’t but we will all suffer from their effort.

Dears simply divides the book into 4 parts covering the industrial impacts of reducing CO2 emissions, the politics behind the effort, the realities of what the results will be and the conclusion which he sums with a quote from Mark Levin’s new book AMERICAN MARXISM. Marxism is behind the entire Net Zero movement to destroy capitalism and the nation it has built.

The entire ideology (Marxism) is built on a fairy tale, yet delivers a nightmare of horrors.”

Net-zero carbon is based on the false narrative that greenhouse gasses specifically CO2, are an existential threat to mankind. This has effectively created a political movement demanding the elimination of fossil fuels. It is the greatest fraud in the history of mankind. CO2 emissions not only make NO THREAT, it is positively a benefit to mankind to have more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Our planet is becoming greener as vegetation is enhanced. And fossil fuels are the overwhelming source of energy on which economies world wide are founded.

A couple brief sections deal with our huge cement and steel industries that cannot survive without both fossil fuels and their CO2 emissions. He also describes the folly of attempting the use of hydrogen instead of natural gas for energy which can only be an energy loser. I plan to address these topics with the help of this book in future articles.

The massive scam on the CO2, the villain narrative, is being driven by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and their supporters who have embarked on an effort to transform the world. This will be a world where wind and solar replace fossil fuels and where virtually everything is powered by electricity using so called clean energy. It cannot be done, it will not be done but the path to failure will be hurtful. Wind and solar are intermittent and cannot be relied on to supply electricity on demand.

The GRID which Dears wrote about in an earlier book in detail, must be kept in balance, where the supply of electricity always meets demand, second by second. Any slight deviation from this prerequisite and the grid will fail. Wind and solar power require backup for all of it on the grid thus it becomes very expensive and has no value to the electric grid’s capacity.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sends out reports regularly to scare the public into believing in the existential threat from fossil fuel emissions. Dears tells us that apparently none of the Marxists seem to mind that China emits twice the CO2 as the United States but they promise to begin reducing them around 2030 which was approved by the Paris Climate Accord.

Net-Zero Carbon is an excellent new easy read book I strongly recommend to our readers.

Donn Dears is a retired GE Company senior executive specializing in power generation, with extensive experience in Europe, the Mideast and Southeast Asia.


  • Dr. Jay Lehr

    CFACT Senior Science Analyst Jay Lehr has authored more than 1,000 magazine and journal articles and 36 books. Jay’s new book A Hitchhikers Journey Through Climate Change written with Teri Ciccone is now available on Kindle and Amazon.