The Phony Climate War has contributed to 2 wars. The obvious war we see is in Ukraine.  The second is a siege that is being put on the American people by rising prices.  Behind this 2 front war is an agenda that is being exposed for what it is.  It follows everything leftists do and they get in the middle of something with the purpose to take it down. I am sorry, but I can only conclude this: there is a segment of the population supporting the agenda of a group of zealots that is seeking to destroy the greatest experiment of God-given freedom ever devised by man. In many cases they are Godless or use God for their own purpose, and that they should destroy the God-given right of freedom is intuitive. There is no greater example of this than their phony climate war, which weaponizes weather to create fear and panic. They have convinced people that their strawman enemy is real and must be fought by all at a great price. War takes sacrifice so you are called on to sacrificein this caseyour liberty and all that has made this country great. Instead of adapting through progress, they seek to destroy and regress.

How else do you explain this:

U.S. reliance on Russian oil hits record high;

RUSSIA EXPORTS 232 MILLION BARRELS TO THE US. Let that sink in. We were energy independent 2  years ago. Now we are depending on our biggest rivals, not only Russia, but others to supply energy to the rest of the world.  But the scariest thing about this is THEY CAUSED THE PROBLEM WITH THEIR PHONY CLIMATE WAR and they refuse to back away. In fact, they are trying to turn this into proof that they are right. The chutzpah of the white house spokesperson is mind-boggling; she actually said it underlines the reason we have to get off of fossil fuels.  John Kerry in the face of a nuclear power, threatening to use their arsenal is still pushing climate change. They know that if they reverse coursewhile its too late for Ukraineit would isolate Russia and break them economically. It would send prices back down toward pre-COVID era. It would fully vindicate Trump’s approach after they demonized him and in reality destroyed him, ala Alinsky. But that’s what Marxists do: they get in the middle of everything that is good, destroy it, and then take control.  You are watching it now and if anything, this is exposing this phony climate war to anyone that looks at it objectively.

There is a frightening lack of respect for history in their approach,  Reagan broke the Soviet Union economically. They laughed at the idea then, then rewrote history saying it was inevitable. Meanwhile, Putin’s aggression is always during oil spikes. The price is at 100 dollars a barrel; the US alone paying 23 billion dollars to them at that price which certainly helps their war chest and Germany is close to 70 billion in energy payments. When Trump called them out on this, the media either ignored it or criticized him. The people in control today know that going back to Trump policies would take the American economy back to pre-COVID Trump era, and that demonstration would destroy their whole agenda. Instead, they refuse and in fact create ways to blame the very policies that would bring us back, for the problems they create. And they continue to supply money to fund the war chest of not only Russia, but other potential adversaries. They have sanctioned our energy sector more than anything they have done with Russia, China has been building a coal plant a week, laughing at the gullibility of Americans to accept what they plainly know is a phony issue, but one that also strengthens them.

And the other war is on the middle class.  Think about this; energy is needed for goods and services.  So what happens when energy gets so expensive? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ITS BY DESIGN AND WHO IS EVIL ENOUGH TO DO THAT? WHAT IS THEIR AGENDA?  So now larger and larger portions of the population have to start thinking about what they spend whatever money they have towards. They become dependent on the government. Bingo there it is: they create the problem and blame anyone that opposes them.

So understand that money supplying Russia is coming out the pockets of people that are having a war waged on them. In 2 months, my energy bill was higher than any 5 month period of November through March in my life. And while Jan and Feb turned cold, we got off lightly by having the warm December.  I can still afford to pay it, but what of other people? While we are at it, how are we going to supply energy for all of these electric cars? The Phony Climate war is leading to the systematic destruction of the foundations of this nation that led to the upward mobility of the population. Simultaneously, leaders that are instituting this sit as overlords and refuse to admit their agenda is phony, which is leading to this misery. There is a very visible side of what is reality, nationally suicidal energy policies.

America, one nation under God, the beacon of light. Yet, this light is dimming. The last best hope is being extinguished from within with a phony issue.

The Black Sabbaths song “War Pigs” ends with this line;

“Satan laughing spreads his wings”

I can’t help but think that this is the case here.

The good news is, we don’t see mean tweets from the sitting President (sarc).


  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.