“I think it built on the last two years. And we really showed a unified front from the hunting community, which I think was helpful saying this is a top priority for all of our organizations, not just a couple of people… And also significant was the Division of Wildlife Resources adopted a resolution last fall expressing their support for Sunday hunting. While the agency can’t take position without that legislature, without the governor taking the role position, they could we could point to that resolution from the board saying, ‘Hey, we’re supportive’ and they’re obviously the managers of wildlife and hunters in Virginia. So it was also really significant that the Virginia Agribusiness Council and the Farm Bureau were neutral this year, which is which is different than a previous two years.” — John Culclasure, Southeastern States Assistant Director at Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation

In Episode 258 of District of Conservation, Gabriella is joined by two of the hardest working Virginia conservationists to debrief listeners on the passage of Senate Bill 8. Her guests today are Cyrus Baird of Delta Waterfowl and John Culclasure of Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. They discuss the historic nature of this bill, what steps it took to get here, the significance, and timeline between now and when the bill could reach Governor Glenn Youngkin’s desk.

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