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James H. Rust is a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute, a retired professor of nuclear engineering, and an outspoken critic of unnecessary alarmism over man-made global warming. He funds several scholarships for students majoring in chemical engineering at Purdue University. He currently is delivering a talk titled “America's Failed Energy Policies and The Reason Why.”

Putin’s gift to America’s energy independence

James Rust, taking a note from Peter Glover's article about Russian energy imperialism, suggests the U.S. should step up its own energy production and liberalize our oil and gas export laws to provide Europe with the means to thwart Russia's bold geopolitical strategy. Of course, the Europeans might do well to reverse their own anti-energy-production policies. The key is to remember that fossil fuels production is a manufacturing process that drives economic growth.

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The report of 2013 United States wildfires is “greatly exaggerated”

President Obama and the mainstream media are flat-out lying about wildfires in 2013. His brand-new executive order, Prearing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change, addresses an increase in wildfires -- but the number of wildfires in the U.S. through November 1 is the lowest in a decade, down 20% from the 2012 totals, and less than half the number and half the acreage burned as in 2006. What else are they lying about?

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J’accuse! EPA’s carbon dioxide regulations would endanger public health and welfare

At an October 23 hearing in Atlanta called by EPA to solicit public comments about "reducing carbon pollution" from existing stationary power plants, Dr. James Rust of the Heartland Institute joined several CFACT Collegians in providing testimony. Dr. Rust noted that these EPA rules would be both damaging to the economy and dangerous to public health and welfare -- and are wholly unneeded.

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