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U.S. energy policy: satisfy the Green lobby!

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s headline for Hansen’s visit was: “A steep energy tax to curb global warming.” Perhaps Hansen was tipping his hand, confirming the rumor that Obama will approve the long-delayed, but much-needed Keystone pipeline if Congress will approve a carbon tax. Tit for tat.

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EPA, Greens play a hazy “sue and settle” game

One of the most successful Sue and Settle strategies cited in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study “… has been on an issue few in Washington or around the nation are paying attention to: regional haze requirements under the Clean Air Act.” The Chamber study's author, William Yeatman, concluded that: “… no state is immune from having its rightful Regional Haze authority trampled by EPA at profound costs for virtually nonexistent benefits.”

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Global Warming was never about climate change!

What redemptive solutions are urgently implored to combat this phantom "global warming," or rather, "climate change"? We must give lots of money to the UN to redistribute; abandon fossil fuel use in favor of heavily subsidized but assuredly abundant, “free”, and “renewable” alternatives; and expand federal government growth, regulatory powers, and crony capitalist-enriched political campaign coffers.

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Global warming? Washington should find the courage to do nothing

National Journal: President Obama avoided global warming throughout the long presidential campaign, but it reemerged in his victory and inaugural speeches like a nasty surprise from a Trojan horse. What should Washington due about warming? Harken to Hippocrates and “first, do no harm.” From CFACT's considered perspective, Washington should find the courage to do nothing

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Ushering in the new (socialist) world order, one crisis at a time

Much of the scary climate stuff gleefully trumpeted by the global media comes from the UN’s IPCC, a highly politicized organization that does not actually carry out any original climate research. Instead, it simply issues assessments based upon supposedly independent surveys of published research. However, some of its most influential conclusions that are summarized in its reports have neither been based upon truly independent research, nor properly vetted through accepted peer- review processes.

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Chinese air episode exposes EPA fraud on PM 2.5 levels

EPA claims that fine particulate matter at levels above 12 micrograms per cubic meter kills people within hours and causes a quarter of all U.S. deaths, but during a recent episode in China when fine PM levels were 89 times higher than the EPA standard, the only deaths attributed to the episode were from traffic accidents due to poor visibility. EPA is using this fraud to shut down coal power plants, creating higher energy costs that really do cause premature deaths among America's poor.

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Playing give and take with coal

If coal is good for the Navajo Nation, the Crow Tribe, and other Native Americans, then it should be okay for the rest of us. Coal warms our homes and provides good jobs and does not need billion-dollar subsidies just to try to break even.

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Are IPI and EPA plotting cap-and-trade for transportation fuels?

IPI Executive Director Michael Livermore demands that the EPA “make a finding” that transportation emissions might endanger public welfare, “propose a cap-and-trade system” for transportation fuels, find that aircraft fuels “endanger” public health, “propose a joint rulemaking with the Federal Aviation Administration” to include aircraft fuels in the cap-and-trade scheme, and finalize the regulations within 90 days!

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The PTC should be SOL

National Journal: The U.S. has a $16 trillion national debt that is growing nearly exponentially. Precious federal dollars ought not be wasted to promote production of high-cost energy. Let the wind production tax credit expire with the old year.

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Government eyes crippling climate-control measures

CFACT in the Washington Times: EPA is ready to unleash its first wave of carbon-dioxide regulations. Congress wants to tax hydrocarbons and carbon-dioxide. The UN is trying to devise a new treaty to regulate energy at the international level. Even one of these actions would send shock waves through the economy. All three would be devastating.

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Christiana’s nightmare – for the rest of us

Aside from the fact that someone (Al Gore, international bankers and their kin) will make a killing off any carbon trading schemes – and that the UN bureaucracy is seeking to pad its own employment rolls and pocketbooks – the sad reality is that none of the shenanigans at Doha (or at any previous or future UNFCCC dog and pony show) is likely to improve the well-being of the billions of humans in so-called developing countries one whit.

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