CFACT unveils Rio+20 sand art

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday June 21, 2012 CONTACT:Rus  sell Cook, 602-753-9141, [email protected] CFACT unveils Rio+20 sand art Planet weeps behind bars as it contemplates “The future we dread” (Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana) CFACT commissioned a team of local sand artists to erect a large work on Copacabana Beach at Posto 3. The works features a large blue earth, weeping behind bars as it contemplates Rio+20 creating not “the future we want,” but “the future we dread.” CFACT's artwork has become an attraction, with tourists and local people pausing for photos. A band of musicians stopped to [...]

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Scaling America’s ivory towers

College students and environmental activism. They go together like football games and cheerleaders, dorm rooms and empty pizza boxes, or all-night cram sessions and final exams.

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