Blame for Ford’s Mexico move falls on Obama Administration

CFACT Advisor Marita Noon notes that Ford is moving its small car manufacturing to Mexico because it cannot produce these vehicles economically in the United States -- but adds that the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards could be revised next year to alter the economics of small-car manufacturing and allow more Americans to drive vehicles they actually want -- more than likely made in America.

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Tesla’s “success,” a great example of how government regulations manipulate markets

Just about the ONLY people in America who like electric cars are government regulators (who likely do not own them) and companies like Tesla, whose only real (sic) profits come from energy credits that add to consumer costs for other vehicles. The bugbear is the ridiculous 54.5 mpg fuel standard created by the Obama Administration with little regard for the pocketbooks of ordinary Americans. It could get worse -- the government may one day disallow the purchase of gasoline-powered vehicles.

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The Pope, climate change, and Volkswagen

Bumping up against reality in her desire to be known as a Green guru, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is forced to rely on coal after shuttering nuclear power plants. Similarly, German auto maker Volkswagen realized the technology did not exist to meet stringent emissions standards for diesel vehicles and so came up with a scheme to game the system. Now they are being ordered to come up with a fis -- that likely does not exist.

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