Global Governance

  • UN climate conference collapsing

    The UN’s duplicitous attempt to use fear of climate change as a springboard to amassing unprecedented new power has by now been fully exposed, and the UN did it to themselves, in part by choosing Warsaw, Poland, as the site of the COP 19 shenanigans. CFACT President David Rothbard was loudly cheered by Poles as he exposed the real intentions of the UN, and the fallout continues.

  • Poland recognizes the real global warming agenda

    One might say that the good people of Warsaw are Poles apart from the UN’s view of fossil fuels, which amounts to an outright condemnation of coal and suspicion of oil and natural gas. CFACT President got perhaps the warmest reception of his life when he spoke at a Polish independence day celebration that was also broadcast live to millions more on Polish national television. His message was simple: the UN’s clearly stated goal is worldwide wealth redistribution and a UN-headed global government — and the war on carbon is not about a cleaner environment or a more prosperous society at all.

  • More Than Rio

    by Einar Du Rietz

    The Rio circus has barely started and already, reports are streaming in on plans for international taxation schemes, close to police power for the UNEP…believe me, the list will be longer. For regular reports from our team in Rio, check out .

    Meanwhile, in Europe, the environment ministers don’t want to appear less bold.

    Reports Euractiv: “The EU’s 27 environment ministers have set out the key elements of the bloc’s environment policy for decades to come, calling for “an ambitious and compelling 2050 vision for a green Europe” that decouples economic growth from environmental degradation.”

    Lot’s of things will happen before 2050, no doubt, and though this policy has been carried through many instanses and is basically an extension of previous programs, you can rest assured that it will have impact on, if not the environment, the economy and your daily life. It should be pointed out that, in the byzantine circles of Brussels and Strasbourg, the major burden for the moment, will be the same: The tax payers money.

  • Will The World Be Enough?

    by Einar Du Rietz

    Bureaucracies and weed have the thing in common that when not controlled, they grow beyond control. The same goes for governmental organisations, supra national or others, with the addition that it’s most often difficult even to find out who’s in charge, what the mandate is, not to mention the plan. Delegates and functionaries, as well as paid scientists seem to be on a constant world tour, with one only goal in common, to grow and find enough solid ground and symbolic conflicts to justify next year’s tour. The only thing certain is that someone else will have to foot the bill.

    So, what to do, when all the old topics have been carefully transferred to – also growing – sub organizations? Where’s the new new mission to pay for next year’s lunches?

    One suggestion from French President Sarkozy is already on the table for the 2012 environmental conference Rio+20. Here’s a good update with links to various documents.

  • Proper Precautions

    by Einar Du Rietz

    “Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups”, my former colleague, the environmental affairs director, liked to quote his favourite actor Steven Seagal as saying. It could be read as an argument for the precautionary principle of course, but it could also be interpreted as an argument for precaution against political action. There’s an important difference here. If I choose, or choose not, to sniff the milk before I pour it into my coffee, I’m the only one affected if my calculation is wrong. If I choose to change the lifestyles and even livelihood for all my fellow men, it’s better have some more solid argument than speculation.

    “Climatology is not (yet) a science”, writes Serge Galam in a recent article (French, published in Agefi Magazine and distributed by Institut Économique Molinari), and warns that the self proclaimed climatologists of today, in the end – consciously or not – are driving the world towards totalitarianism.

  • The Imposters are not giving up

    photos“Climategate” as an argument for a World Environment Organization

    The sudden but not unexpected resignation of the head of the UN Climate Secretariat in Bonn Ivo de Boer is feeding speculation about an imminent collapse of the whole global warming swindle. Only a few days earlier, Phil Jones, a leading member of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former director of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, substantially admitted in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”that the accusations on the basis of leaked confidential e-mails from CRU (“Climategate“) were well founded, i.e. that the decline of the world’s average temperature since ten to fifteen years was hidden by CRU and that the often quoted “hockey stick”-temperature curve is no proof of man made global warming but a fake.

    At the same time, eminent political leaders like Maurice Strong, Al Gore, José Manuel Barroso, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Herman van Rompuy (all members of the mysterious ‘Bilderberg‘ Club), took the fiasco of the Copenhagen Climate Conference as opportunity to look for alternative ways in order to meet their aim of total management of the whole planet Earth.

  • From Climategate to ETS-Gate?

    Par Edgar L. Gärtner

    Carbon Fraud is paving the way for a dictatorial world government

    cliffs4008.JPG (1471777 bytes)While EU representatives are praising the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in Copenhagen as panacea, European law enforcement agency Europol is revealing that carbon credit fraud has caused in the past 18 months more than 5 bn euros damage for European taxpayers. In some countries up to 90 percent of the whole trading volume was caused by fraudulent activities. It is easy and perfectly legal for small dealers who have experience in computer and cell phone trading to buy European Unit Allowances (EUA) in one EU member state without VAT and to sell them in another country while taking the usual VAT rate from the buyer. The operation becomes illegal when the trader does not transfer the kept back VAT to the local tax authority. All and above the buyer can resell the certificates abroad and get the VAT reimbursed by the local tax authority.

  • Gorbachev, the Apocalypse Trumpeter

    by Edgar L. Gärtner (Frankfurt) Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 2009 ancient soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, now president of the NGO “Green Cross International”, wrote an editorial for The London Times . In this article Gorbachev is, perhaps involuntarily, confirming the hypothesis that the real aim […]