Nearly doomed by too little CO2

Aside from protests by Al Gore, Leonardo Di Caprio, and friends, the public didn’t seem to raise its carbon dioxide (CO2) anguish much above the Russians-election frenzy when Trump exited the Paris Climate Accords. Statistician Bjorn Lomborg had already pointed out that the Paris CO2 emission promises would cost one hundred trillion dollars ($100 trillion) that no one has, and make only a 0.05º  C difference in Earth’s 2100 AD temperature. Others say perhaps a 0.2º C (0.3º F) difference, and even that would hold only in the highly unlikely event that all parties actually kept their voluntary pledges. What few realize, however, [...]

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Long cold spell dooms climate agenda

For at least the past 12,000 years, civilization's advance has been slowed, brought to a halt, or even reversed as temperatures plummeted due to climate change. But history does not matter to the climate alarmist, whose real goal is to strip away human freedom and gain absolute power over fellow humans.

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