Measuring the climate models and hype

Global temperatures have remained steady for almost 19 years, the United States has not been hit by a Category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane since 2005, total polar ice is increasing, not melting, and seas are rising at barely seven inches per century.

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Japan: The other nuclear country

Since Japan shut down all of its nuclear power plants after Fukushima, the nation has suffered from high fuel costs that make Japanese products less competitive in the world economy. Japan thus rejoins a number of nations who rely on uranium (and now thorium) as well as fossil fuels -- because it was the economically wise thing to do. Would that the U.S. would base at least some of its energy policy (sic) on economics.

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True facts about ocean radiation and the Fukushima disaster

The Fukushima disaster has "led to some wild speculation on the widespread dangers of Fukushima radiation on the internet... I’m here to tell you that these posts are just plain garbage. While there are terrible things that happened around the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan; Alaska, Hawaii and the West Coast aren’t in any danger. These posts were meant to scare people (and possibly written by terrified authors). They did just that, but there is a severe lack of facts in these posts. Which is why I am here to give you the facts, and nothing but the facts."

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