Alarmists quick to blame Hurricane Sandy on man-made global warming

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Despite the fact that hurricanes in the U.S. are at a record low, global warming alarmists have been quick to seize upon these natural disasters as evidence of man-made global warming. Well-known climate alarmist Brad Johnson issued a press release that called on political candidates to acknowledge that “Hurricane Sandy is a true Frankenstorm, a monster created by man tampering with nature with oil, coal, and gas pollution.”

And Tedd Glick at Grist Mag said that Sandy “is God’s revenge for the refusal of the U.S. government to take action on the climate crisis.” Never mind the fact that history is full of similar storms when temperatures and CO2 levels were lower.

Anthony Watts has put together an excellent run-down of the facts about Hurricane Sandy, global warming, and history over at

The only way to deal with propagandic pinheads such as this is to counter with real facts, and then whenever his propaganda appears, put those facts right back into the venue wherever it appears through comments, emails, and letters. . . .

Don’t believe political shills like Brad Johnson as he doesn’t rely on facts, but rather, fear. That makes him and those like him that say Hurricane Sandy is some sort of “wrath” for human behavior he and his buddies don’t like not only unreliable and idiotic in their approach, but malfeasant to boot.

Check out CFACT’s ClimateDepot for the latest headlines about the storm and global warming alarmism.


  1. David Gray October 29, 2012 at 11:12 PM

    Brad Johnson is a complete, self-serving moron.

  2. Wayne Hurlburt October 31, 2012 at 12:43 AM

    Not sure how many followed the tracking of the storm as well as the MB levels, comparing them to the 1997 simulation chart, but something strange happened near the end of it’s course.

    Within minutes of it hitting 940mb’s (or shortly thereof), the trajectory and speedy quickly changed. Immediately turning abruptly west as well as doubling its traveling speed (from 14mph to 24-28mph).

    This change made landfall quicker and lower than the original targeted landfall point. In the simulation they used a Minimum MB level of 935mb, making me believe that that was lowest possible level to be maintained to achieve their desired outcome(or even controlability). Every test or implimentation has its own Go-NoGo ranges. For simulation it was 935mb. My guess is that for live testing was raised to 940mb to allow for unforseeable results or consequences etc.

    I think there would have been more damage and the actual power outages etc. that they were predicting, had the storm stayed on its targeted path. Someone/something interviened. Whether the perpertators themselves or someone discovered the plan.

    Murpy’s Law ~ All actions have an equal and opposite reaction. i.e. like some attracting an object suddenly gets thrown in reverse and repels it, its speed would increase and trajectory would alter.

    Fruit For Thought!!!

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