No one told the UN conference that there’s been no warming for 16 years

Spencer models epic fail


CFACT graph billboard 4 close


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  1. pauldavey18

    Hi chaps, I’m not sure that the email/subscribe form is working properly, could you check it out please

  2. chuck_in_st_paul

    typical bunch of true believers, reevers, and scam aritists to be found at ANY lefty cause. I love the shocked look on the woman’s face and then the immediate, “That’s not true.” Not one of them asked where to find that data and I guarantee you none of them tried to look it up.

  3. ron17571

    Except for extremes,such as droughts. I prefer it warm. I watched a program where scientist stated as a conclusion,That our warming was holding off the next ice age.
    I guess people dont think long term in advance. When its really cold out,growing food is much harder. I’m sure there is plenty of other bad things about an ice age.

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