COP 19: Filipino negotiator goes on hunger strike over typhoon

Philippines climate negotiator Naderev “Yeb” Saño of the Philippines announced to COP 19’s plenary session that he will conduct a hunger strike for the remainder of the UN climate summit in Warsaw.

“I speak for the countless people who will no longer be able to speak for themselves after perishing from the storm. I speak also for those who have been orphaned by the storm. I speak for the people racing for time to save survivors and alleviate the suffering of the people affected. We can take drastic action now to ensure we prevent a future where super typhoons become a way of life… By failing to meet the objectives of the convention we may have ratified our own doom. We have to confront the issue of loss and damage. Loss and damage today is a reality across the world… In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home and with my brother who has not had food for the last three days… I will now commence a voluntary fasting for the climate. This means that I will voluntarily refrain from eating food during this COP until a meaningful outcome is in site. Until concrete pledges have been made to ensure mobilization of resources for the Green Climate Fund.”

This is Mr. Sano’s second tear-filled speech to a COP plenary. Last year Mr. Sano demanded that the delegates in Doha, Qatar accelerate the climate funding and treaty process after another typhoon struck his homeland. Read The misdirected tears of the Philippines at

We accept Mr. Sano’s pleas at face value. Unlike so many involved in international global warming politics, Mr. Sano’s tears appear completely sincere. We can’t help but admire Yeb’s compassion for those in need and the strength of the protective instinct he feels towards his countrymen.

When devastation strikes, the nation’s of the world should be there for one another. Taiphoon Haiyan/Yolanda was a terrible and tragic storm.  We again encourage people to make a gift to aid the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. We posted several reliable groups you can make your gift with in CFACT’s previous typhoon coverage. You can find them here.

However, as CFACT observed last year, Mr. Sano’s wholly appropriate tears are also misdirected.

Typhoon activity in the Philippines is normal. Despite over-the-top reporting before the typhoon struck (timed perfectly for COP Phillipines typhoon chart19) Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was not the strongest typhoon recorded in the Philippines. It was the seventh. The Philippines enjoys warm tropical weather. However, with tropical splendor comes tropical storms. This duality is a fact of life in the tropics.

There are no worthwhile science or historical records which support the notion that extreme storms have worsened in the Philippines or elsewhere as a result of a warming planet. We must soberly remind ourselves that global temperatures have not risen since the nineties and that warming to date peaked at less than a degree Centigrade, with only a few years coming anywhere near that.

Further, weather remains normal. Reports in the media continually attribute individual incidents to global warming. However, today’s storms, floods, droughts, fires, famines, etc. have to do with weather, not climate. Global warming pressure groups continually attribute weather events to climate as a propaganda technique and the media, always on the lookout for drama, plays along. See, Extreme weather debunked which features Climate Depot’s extreme weather report.

Not only is global weather historically normal, this year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been one of the gentlest on record.

As he concluded his speech, Mr. Sano said, “Mr. President, this process has been called a farce. It has been called an annual carbon-intensive gathering of useless frequent fliers… It has also been called saving tomorrow today. We can fix this. We can stop this madness.”

Mr. Sano’s conclusion is loaded with wisdom. Yes, Mr. Sano, useless frequent fliers are precisely what the delegates to the COP are. “Farce” and “madness” are highly descriptive terms, perfect to describe international efforts to lock the world into a global warming treaty. However, the UN climate summit does not offer salvation for the future, but a threat to the freedom and prosperity of all mankind.

If you want to restore public confidence in the UN’s climate proceedings, we must cease to tolerate the propaganda which festoons the proceedings and which has shaken public confidence in climate science. Science must be unbiased and it must be sober. It must be open to alternative hypotheses and it must be verifiable through observation. Lose the scientific method and the result is dogma fueled hysteria.

We stand with Yeb Sano in mourning the losses in the Philippines. We count upon the people of the world to help their neighbors in need. However, we cannot allow appeals to emotion, that most potent of logical fallacies, to take the place of rational decision making.


About the Author: CFACT Ed

  1. Mark Hugo

    I’ve been to well organized international conferences 3 times in my life. The FOOD was fantastic. ENOUGH so that (this was before my current 5′ 9′, 165 lbm Weight Watches weight and eating style…) what I ate could feed a family of 4 to 6 Filipinos for a month! I’m sure this fellow is going to make sure his “sacrafice” is rewarded to some family for that amount of time. Can we ask him to report DETAILS of same?

  2. Logo

    Well said, CFACT! Sad as the results of the typhoon were, it is disappointing to see the attempt by a man who should know better to hold out the begging bowl. I suppose we should not be surprised that the President of a large nation should be incapable of understanding high-school-level science, especially when so many so-called scientists cannot either!

  3. Carson Lauffer

    I hope this fellow comes to realize how poorly he’s been scammed by these lying b.stards before he kills himself.

    • Donald Horneff

      So will I. This is so stupid. He can starve to death for all I care. Anyone that stupid doesn’t deserve my sympathy.

  4. disqus_aCpFDiBuWJ

    If they’re so concerned with global warming they should all stay home and not fly planes to the conference.

    • colleenf

      I have always wondered the same thing.
      If they are so dead set against the use/exploration/refining of fossil fuels WHY do they fly/drive cars and stay in the fancy hotels, eat great foods and all??? Have they never heard about teleconferencing??? How about giving them each the “Go to meeting” app and do it that way?
      Hypocrites/liars/frauds one and all.

  5. geo brecke

    Do NOT assume that Filipinos are ignorant of corruption and the UN’s efforts to rule over them. Unlike many Americans, Filipinos understand corruption, it is fresh in their recent history, and they know invasions don’t always arrive in landing craft. So many of us in the US have strong and lasting ties with the people of PI. We pray for their safety, and offer condolences to those who lost loved ones. Helping them (as we are doing) is a good thing.

  6. ErnieLane

    I hope he dies. Anyone who believes in global warming is so stupid that, given the 7 billion or so humans, his freeing up resources for the rest of us makes more sense.

  7. Tom Moran

    Billions wasted on decarbonizing Earth instead of helping the poorest people in the world move out of storm surge and flood zones. CAGW advocates you own these deaths.

  8. Mervyn

    These people, like this Philippine delegate, have gone mad! When people start believing that humans are the cause of typhoons and that we can halt typhoons, this is a sign of mental illness… these climate conference delegates are in a state of delusion.

  9. Tom Reinheimer

    Stupid man. How does he explain the super typhoon that destroyed Tacloban in 1897? Super typhoons have existed before and will continue to exist. The people in the UN that applaud this nonsense are libtards.

  10. peterfalexander

    During a 10 year period 1981 to 1991 5 stronger storms hit the nation.
    Lack of planning since then hurt its population.

  11. colleenf

    We, as mere humans, can no more stop typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow/blizzards than one of my cats is going to start speaking German.
    It is the height of the arrogance of man to think we are even capable of attempting this.
    All of this so-called global warming/coming ice age/climate change (whatever they are calling it this year!) is nothing more than another fraud.

  12. marko66

    Oh for crying out loud let her go on her hunger strike. She will eventually get hungry. I am sick of these people already . Fifteen minutes of fame is all she wants.

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