Australian ice breaker blocked. Climate researchers remain trapped in ice. Helicopter next?

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The dramatic spectacle of global warming researchers trapped in ice continues as climate change professor Chris Turney and his expedition remain trapped in this year’s massive southern sea ice.

Seventy-four scientists, guests and crew are aboard the Russian vessel Akademik Shokalskiy which is unable to move, and radioed for help Christmas morning.  The expedition was trapped in ice on its way to Antarctica.
Turney’s expedition reports that Shokalskiy is in no danger of sinking and is well stocked with food and diesel.
The Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis attempted to reach the trapped vessel after the Chinese ice Ice breaker Australian murray doylebreaker Xue Long (Snow Dragon) failed to break through.
Captain of the Australian ice breaker Murray Doyle said that the ice was too thick to penetrate.  “Floes are up to two meters of ice with a meter of snow on top and very compact.” He said.  “There was just nowhere for us to go.”
Captain Doyle feared that ice would close in and trap his vessel as well, adding to “the drama.”
The Chinese may attempt a rescue using Snow Dragon’s helicopter, however, it is too heavy to land on the Russian vessel and poor visibility from heavy weather has prevented it from coming near.  However, if weather improves, the helicopter may land on the thick ice itself, enabling the passengers to walk to it, likely leaving the Russian crew aboard their vessel.
In addition, the American ice breaker Polar Star is on its way from Seattle.  Its massive size may permit it to break through where the Australians and Chinese failed.
2013 has been a tough year for global warming aquatic adventures.
In September, a host of yachts and research vessels thought to become global warming heroes by transiting the Northwest passage, only to likewise become blocked or trapped when cold temperatures kicked nature’s ice machine into high gear.
Also in September Russian security captured the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise as activists attempted to board an oil platform.  Thirty Greenpeace campaigners and crew spent months in detention, but were released last week when Russian President Vladimir Putin issued pardons ahead of the Sochi Olympics.  Russia continues to hold Arctic Sunrise which is the vessel CFACT boarded in Copenhagen during UN COP 15 in 2009, offered the crew donuts and hung a banner rechristening it the “Ship of lies.”  Greenpeace has expressed concern for the future of the vessel claiming that the Russians have not adequately maintained it.
Maybe global warming campaigners looking to go boating at other people’s expense should try someplace warm.
In the not warming world of global warming, truth is stranger than fiction.
Antarctic ice traps climate researchers and ice breaker z


  1. GoAwayLib December 30, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    All that money being used for this expedition and multiple rescue attempt could be used to help the poor. Self-righteous Hypocrites!

    • colleenf December 30, 2013 at 11:29 AM

      But you must remember one thing: they are sooooo noble in their efforts to confirm global warming/climate change which they can then “save the world”.
      How they plan on doing this is actually the funny and sick part as billions of people will die due to their efforts.
      Example: elimination of DDT and the horrendous resurgence of malaria and other insect borne diseases around the world….especially in 3rd world countries.

  2. colleenf December 30, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    Actually, I hope they all get out safely, but maybe with a frost bit toe to prove they were there!
    Stupid, stupid people!

  3. DuckDoc December 30, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    My question is: How many aboard the Academik Shokalsky still believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming as they are threatened with death by hypothermia? Hopefully, they will realize that they are in the Summer in Antarctica, and, leave by helicopter, lest they may die painfully in the frigid Winter which will arrive as always.

  4. jameshrust December 30, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    The 18 scientists put this trip together to find information confirming global warming is taking place and then claim it is from carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. The only thing coming out of the trip is they may get frostbite, their ship is crushed and sunk, and a perilous rescue by helicopter. No report about the lack of global warming.
    James H. Rust, Professor

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