Climate violence in Paris

Bataclan 2

Bataclan night club, scene of a tragic terror attack has become a solemn memorial

Paris was the scene of climate protests Sunday that started peacefully, but turned violent.  Hundreds of climate radicals clashed with police and were arrested.  CFACT was there.

President Francoise Hollande banned all public protests after the tragic Paris terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th.   France adopted emergency legislation which granted the police extraordinary powers.  The police used their new found powers to place 24 radicals under house arrest before the protests began.

"Our shoes will march for us."

“Our shoes will march for us.”

This was not enough to keep order.

Large-scale climate protests were called off.  A planned march was replaced by a display of shoes under the slogan, “our shoes will march for us.”

Others linked arms in an attempt to form a human chain from Place Republique to Place Nation.

The demonstrations quickly turned violent.Paris climate protester back

Climate radicals confronted police and were tear gassed.  They scaled buildings, shouted slogans and were then pulled down one by one and arrested.

The protesters smashed bottles.  When the bottles ran out the they  began smashing the votive candles that had been placed in  memorial for the terror victims.  This offended police and Parisians alike.

Drumming up climate support

Drumming up climate support

CFACT’s Paris team videotaped the protesters, who did not seem capable of making a coherent point.  When asked what she wanted for the climate one protester told CFACT she wanted, “less gas, more ass” as well as “books” and “bicycles.”

It was clear was that the climate protesters despise the police and the police return the favor.

President Hollande called the protests “scandalous.”  Perhaps he can teach President Obama a thing or two about how to respond when mobs of radical leftist youth misbehave.

Paris terror victims memorial

Paris cop 21 lion police republique

Paris climate protester hit head

Paris police republique

Paris Anti Cop 21

Paris climate march anime


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  • Earn nest

    I’m impressed they’ve managed to create mob violence on behalf of their cause. It rather reminds me of Bill Clinton and Monica.

    • marlene

      SPOT ON.

  • CaptTurbo

    Doesn’t make sense. Don’t those idiots realize that the powers that be are doing their awful despicable work on their behalf?

    • marlene

      I believe they were hired actors to support the Summit by pretending they will resort to violence if they don’t get their global warming scheme signed – now, today, or else, so they can pay even more taxes for something that doesn’t even exist!

  • jameshrust

    Great coverage. It shows the mentality of those pushing the global warming agenda. All brain dead.
    Circulate the rioting around the world. I suspect our mainstream media will ignore this. They don’t want the world to see their supporters.
    One question needs to be asked. Do you want to live a life of poverty to satisfy this mob?
    James H. Rust, professor of nuclear engineering and policy advisor The Heartland Institute

  • marlene

    This is the most transparent ploy Paris has ever performed on the streets. Shutting the masses into their homes so they can plan a staged protest of climate radicals who support the Summit and would do just about anything to get their unscientific Climate Change Scheme passed so they can pay more taxes -or giant boulders will fly through the air. They also use reference to pre-historc times “when the Earth was warmer than it is today” -which must have been caused by all those pre-historic coal mines and tractor trailers. LOL. This entire Summit is a charade of pretending there is global warming (which has plateaud and we’re coming into a cold period), too much CO2 (which is good for the environment. THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A GLOBAL SCHEME TO CONTROL US AND TAKE OUR MONEY THROUGH HIGHER TAXES which they claim they need in order to fight a global warming that does not exist and has never been proven to exist and is contrary to all the scientific facts that proves it does not exist !!!

    • J T

      Right you are, Marlene, and most of us know it.

  • Pam Dunn

    Part of the LARGE number of loafing unemployed and moronic university students just like here. No Brains, NO CLUE, and brains of MUSH.

  • CTConservatives47

    These mindless and gullible buffoons are true believers in the greatest scientific fraud of all time. In that sense, they’re much like Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Kerry, and most of the Democrat Party.

    • knowsit

      Actually, I believe they are just plain hoodlum criminals taking a chance to be, well, hoodlum criminals.
      CO2 was 100 fold higher during one of the longest ice ages during the history of our planet, so [email protected] is not a concern, unless you are a radical politician like Obama who wants to take the occasion to destroy America, to augment his Middle East policy of destroying this nation, to bring about the “Return of the Mahdi”, the man Muslims like him believe will subject the whole world to Islam

    • stopspending4

      I don’t think O is a “mindless and gullible buffoon: – not sure about the others. O knows exactly what climate change is about – it is a chance to destroy the elite countries and give more money/power to the third world countries. He has always disliked the occupying countries and businesses and has always looked for ways to bring them in line with the loser businesses and the third world countries. O has no real morals – no religion, no environmental interests, no human interests – it is all about destroying the elitist countries , mainly the US

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    It’s time to increase global warming. Pour gasoline on all the protesters and light a match. Burn baby burn!

  • pathwayvt

    The dumb leading the stupid, following the ignorant.

  • Crystal

    Yeah… let’s do graffiti, burn things down, leave our garbage around and create general mayhem to show that we’re concerned about pollution and the climate! They’re more concerned about protesting Climate Change then protesting about the Muslims that are taking over their country!!! How stupid can these climate nuts get??? I’m mean really???? And now Obama wants to give other polluting countries Billions (And who’s to say what they’ll really do with that money!) of our non-existent dollars???? The whole world is going crazy and becoming more evil everyday!

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Way to go morons, save the planet by trashing it with broken glass, calling for more sex which will need an increase in rubber products as well as spreading STD’s which in turn will need to use more resources to extract the needed ingredients for the needed medicines to cure all the STD’s and calling for more books which contributes to “deforestation”, needing trees to make more paper for the books and less trees to clean the air. Genius they are.

  • jreb57

    So there are useful idiots in Paris as well. Isn’t diversity wonderful?


    Hmmmmm, seems as thought you don’t have a choice about the fact GW’ing doesn’t exist or have enough scientific credence, so in order to get the attention of the Elite who want to use this tool like the nazi did in Germany to enforce obedience, cronyism and collusion a bit of raucous street demonstration takes place to get their attention….the ivory tower folks think you are all sheeple….hell, when civil discourse is tossed in the trash, you are limited to what’s next…

  • Dano2

    Actually, appears that anarchists were doing this, not climate marchers.



    • Duke Silver


      • Dano2




        • Duke Silver

          It’s just….. an inconvenient truth.

          • Dano2

            I made a bird shadow puppet with your projection.

            You can’t hide the fact a separate group engaged the police, even by shining the bright light of your projection in readers’ eyes.



            • Duke Silver

              Looks like some CAGW rats went to jail after all.
              Like looking in the mirror isn’t it?

              • Dano2

                That projection resulted in a dog shadow puppet.



                • Duke Silver

                  Repetition – it’s the key to enlightenment. It’s getting warmer…… all over the globe….. it’s anthropogenic…… it’s catastrophic……
                  Stand in line for your soylent green. You’ve earned it.

  • Duke Silver

    Here, America, is a taste of your future under der fuhrer Barry or Hillary (take your pick).

  • largejack

    it doesn’t make any sense, climate change alarmists protesting against climate change alarmists