Bataclan 2

Bataclan night club, scene of a tragic terror attack has become a solemn memorial

Paris was the scene of climate protests Sunday that started peacefully, but turned violent.  Hundreds of climate radicals clashed with police and were arrested.  CFACT was there.

President Francoise Hollande banned all public protests after the tragic Paris terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th.   France adopted emergency legislation which granted the police extraordinary powers.  The police used their new found powers to place 24 radicals under house arrest before the protests began.

"Our shoes will march for us."

“Our shoes will march for us.”

This was not enough to keep order.

Large-scale climate protests were called off.  A planned march was replaced by a display of shoes under the slogan, “our shoes will march for us.”

Others linked arms in an attempt to form a human chain from Place Republique to Place Nation.

The demonstrations quickly turned violent.Paris climate protester back

Climate radicals confronted police and were tear gassed.  They scaled buildings, shouted slogans and were then pulled down one by one and arrested.

The protesters smashed bottles.  When the bottles ran out the they  began smashing the votive candles that had been placed in  memorial for the terror victims.  This offended police and Parisians alike.

Drumming up climate support

Drumming up climate support

CFACT’s Paris team videotaped the protesters, who did not seem capable of making a coherent point.  When asked what she wanted for the climate one protester told CFACT she wanted, “less gas, more ass” as well as “books” and “bicycles.”

It was clear was that the climate protesters despise the police and the police return the favor.

President Hollande called the protests “scandalous.”  Perhaps he can teach President Obama a thing or two about how to respond when mobs of radical leftist youth misbehave.

Paris terror victims memorial

Paris cop 21 lion police republique

Paris climate protester hit head

Paris police republique

Paris Anti Cop 21

Paris climate march anime


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