Five stages of climate grief

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playdohEver since the elections, our media, schools, workplaces, and houses of worship have presented stories showcasing the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Liberal-progressive snowflakes are wallowing in denial, anger, and depression. They cannot work, attend class, or take exams. They need safe “healing” spaces, Play-Doh, comfort critters, and counseling. Too many throw tirades equating Donald Trump with Adolph Hitler, while too few are actually moving to Canada, New Zeeland, or Jupiter after solemnly promising they would.

Nouveau grief is also characterized by the elimination of bargainingportlandriots and acceptance – and their replacement by two new stages: intolerance for other views and defiance or even riots. Sadly, it appears these new stages have become a dominant, permanent, shameful feature of liberal policies and politics.

The Left has long been intolerant of alternative viewpoints. Refusing to engage or debate, banning or forcibly removing books and posters, threatening and silencing contrarians, disinviting or shouting down conservative speakers, denying tax exempt status to opposing political groups, even criminalizing and prosecuting climate change “deniers” – have all become trademark tactics. Defiance and riots were rare during the Obama years, simply because his government enforced lib-prog ideologies and policies.

deplorablesLiberals view government as their domain, their reason for being, far too important to be left to “poorly educated” rural and small-town voters, blue-collar workers, or other “deplorable” elements. Liberals may not care what we do in our bedrooms, but they intend to control everything outside those four walls.

They are aghast that over 90% of all U.S. counties and county equivalents voted for Trump. They’re incensed that President Trump and Republicans in Congress, 33 governor’s offices, and 69 of 99 state legislatures nationwide will likely review and reform policies, laws, and regulations on a host of issues.

Above all, they are outraged over what might happen to their “dangerous manmade climate change” mantra. It was supposed to be their ticket to endless extravaganzas at 5-star venues in exotic locales – their trump card for controlling the world’s energy, economy, livelihoods, and living standards.

That is why they demand that only their “facts” be heard on the hightide“consensus science” supporting policies they say are essential to prevent a “disastrous” 2º C (3.6º F) rise from 1850 levels, when the Little Ice Age ended (and the modern industrial era began). It’s why the Paris climate agreement tells developed nations to keep fossil fuels in the ground, roll back their economies, and reduce their living standards – while giving $100 billion per year to poor countries for climate mitigation and reparation.

That, in turn, is why developing countries eagerly signed the Paris accord, bringing it into force and effect just before this year’s climate confab in Marrakech. They would not be required to reduce their fossil fuel use or greenhouse gas emissions. And they – or at least their governing classes – would receive trillions of dollars over the coming decades. Countless thousands were thus in jolly spirits as they flew giant fuel-guzzling, GHG-spewing jetliners into Morocco for the historic event.

moranokechBut then, on the third day, news of the U.S. elections brought misery and mayhem to Marrakech. Event organizers had tolerated credentialed skeptics handing out Climate Hustle DVDs and discussing Real World climate science and energy development. But when they erected a Donald Trump cutout and shredded a copy of the Paris accord during a media interview, they sent armed police to forcibly end the filming and boot the impudent non-believers out of the hallowed conference.

Marrakech may have marked the zenith of the religious-political climate movement. President-Elect Trump has long held that there is likely “some connectivity” between human actions and the climate – but he has also said it is a “hoax” to say humans are now causing catastrophic global warming and climate change. He also says he has an “open mind” on the issue and will be studying it “very closely.”

Here are a few important facts and probing questions that he could raise, to get the ball rolling.

1) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was formed to detect and assess possible human influences on global climate systems, amid many natural forces. However, it soon began looking only at human influences. Now it claims warming, cooling, and weather are driven only by human emissions. How and why did this happen? How can alarmists ignore the powerful natural forces, focus solely on air emissions associated with fossil fuel use – and call it solid, honest, empirical, consensus science?

2) Your “manmade climate chaos” thesis – and computer models that support it – implicitly assume that fossil fuel emissions and feedbacks they generate have replaced numerous powerful natural forces that have driven climate cycles and extreme weather events throughout Earth and human history. What caused the ice ages and interglacial periods, Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age, Anasazi and Mayan droughts, and other major climate and weather events – before fossil fuel emissions took over?

Where did all those natural forces go? Why are they no longer functioning? Who stole them? When did they stop ruling the climate: in 1850, 1900, 1950 … or perhaps 1990, after the IPCC was established?

3) You claim climate and weather patterns are already “unprecedented” and increasingly cataclysmic. But even as plant-fertilizing CO2 levels continue to climb, average global temperatures have risen barely 0.1º the past two decades, amid a major El Niño. Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are growing at record rates. Seas are rising at barely 7 inches per century. It has now been a record 11 years since a category 3-5 hurricane struck the U.S. mainland; the previous record was nine years, 1860 to 1869. The 2016 U.S. tornado count was the lowest on record. Where are the unprecedented cataclysms?

4) Your computer models begin with the assumption or assertion that increasing levels of carbon dioxide will cause rapidly, dangerously rising global temperatures, and more extreme weather events. But if this assumption is wrong, so are your models, projections, and scenarios. It’s garbage in/garbage out. And in fact your models have been wrong – dramatically and consistently, year after year. When will you fix them? When will they factor in data and analyses for solar, cosmic ray, oceanic, and other natural forces?

5) The manmade climate cataclysm community has refused to discuss or debate its data, methodologies, analyses, and conclusions with those whom you call “skeptics” or “deniers.” A 97% consensus, case closed, you say. What do you fear from open, robust debate? What manipulated data or other tricks are you trying to hide? Why are you afraid to put your cards on the table, lay out your supposed evidence – and duke it out? Do you really think taxpayers should give you one more dime under these circumstances?

6) The FDA and other federal agencies require that applications for drugs, medical devices, and permits for projects include extensive raw data, lab and project methodologies, and other information. Your modeling and other work is largely paid for with taxpayer money, and used to determine public policies. Why should you be allowed to hide your data and methodologies, treat them as proprietary, refuse to share them with Congress or “realist” scientists, and refuse to engage in a full peer-review process?

7) The EPA’s “social cost of carbon” scheme blames everything imaginable on fossil fuels – but totally ignores the huge benefits of using these fuels. Isn’t that misleading, disingenuous, even fraudulent?

8) America already produces more ethanol than it can use. Now the EPA wants another 1.2 billion gallons blended into our gasoline. Why should we do this – considering the land, water, environmental, CO2, fuel efficiency, and other costs; rampant fraud in the RIN program; and impacts on small refiners? If we replace all fossil fuels with biofuels, how much land, water, fertilizer, and energy would that require?

9) Wind turbines are land intensive, heavily subsidized, and exempted from most environmental rules. They kill millions of birds and bats. Their electricity is expensive and unreliable, and requires fossil fuel backup generators. Why should this industry be exempted from endangered species laws – and allowed to conduct bogus mortality studies and prevent independent investigators from reviewing the work?

Mr. Trump, keep an open mind. But keep exercising due diligence. Trust, but verify. And fire anyone who lies or refuses to answer, or who provides the climate equivalent of shoddy work and substandard concrete.

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  1. Lincoln November 29, 2016 at 12:47 PM

    Nov 28, 2016 Weather is NOT Climate!

    No, weather is NOT climate…even when it’s warm outside. But in case there’s a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise, here are some facts about global warming and vaguely-defined “extreme” weather that you can use to talk some sense into them.

  2. Brin Jenkins November 30, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    Sums the situation up succinctly, unless the reversal of heat being a cause of C02 being released, to C02 causes heat is explained it’s a dead issue. The computer models are built on rubbish foundations and failed all the tests of viability.

    • David Rice December 5, 2016 at 4:46 PM

      There is no such thing as C02.

      • Bob McMillan December 6, 2016 at 3:57 PM

        Right, it’s CO2, not C zero 2.

  3. Ian5 December 1, 2016 at 11:04 PM

    “…keep exercising due diligence. Trust, but verify.”

    Good advice Paul. I would also add “Ignore professional misinformers and lobbyists that have no climate science credentials”.

    • Brin Jenkins December 2, 2016 at 2:40 AM

      Or warmest with no credible explanations

  4. David Rice December 5, 2016 at 4:45 PM

    A very comprehensive explanation is in the book “Engaging with Climate Change: Psychoanalytic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives” which one may find at

    and also at

  5. Wesley E. smith December 6, 2016 at 10:26 PM

    Finally! Sound reasoning in this article and everything I have read on the Cfact web site!

    Anyone with a brain should deduce that any program thought up and promoted by Al Gore has to be bogus!

  6. Wesley E. smith December 6, 2016 at 10:38 PM

    The obvious questions everyone should ask and demand a logical answer to is, “Why is it Global Warming when it is colder in some places and warmer in some places without the warming being global?

    Why did the greatest catastrophes in weather happen before the first combustible engine was started?

    Why does it not bother the prophets/profits of weather doom to have by far the largest carbon foot print on the planet while fining everyone else?

    Speaking of the prophets/profits of weather doom, i.e. Al Gore, Woody Harrelson, etc. have been consistently WRONG about the results of ignoring their baseless claims!

    Have you noticed that the ones that put down thinking people that demand evidence as climate deniers are themselves God deniers?! They present to us science, falsely so-called! 1 Timothy 6:20

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