Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix

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It’s hot in the American Southwest.

Really hot.

So hot that airlines have been delaying flights for their smaller planes, waiting for cooler, denser air to provide better lift.

June, however, is a particularly hot month in the region.  Temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit are the norm.  Phoenix’s “all-time high of 122 degrees has stood since June 26, 1990.”

All that heat is historically normal.

Nonetheless, the usual suspects just can’t resist attributing natural heat waves to global warming.

“The Southwest is broiling. Are you paying attention, President Trump?” asks Jill Filipovic at CNN, “If you’re stranded in Phoenix right now, or worried about an elderly acquaintance in California, or are without power in the Bay Area, or nervous about a wildfire taking your home, you can thank the long list of politicians who do the bidding of polluting corporations instead of their constituents and protect profit over the environment… You can thank the President who tore up the Paris climate agreement.”

“It’s a well-known problem” writes the reliably warmist BBC, “a 2016 report from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) even warned that higher temperatures caused by climate change could ‘have severe consequences for aircraft take-off performance, where high altitudes or short runways limit the payload or even the fuel-carrying capacity.'”

The Atlantic asks, “Did climate change ground flights in Phoenix?” and concludes, “Yes, but it didn’t act alone.”

This is all nonsense.

Global warming, climate change, call it what you will, is not a significant factor driving today’s weather.  Global warming is not broiling the southwest, nor is it grounding flights in Phoenix.

Local weather happens.

The warming that took place last century, with little or none in this, is simply too small.  Even after they got done fiddling with the data, the most warming researchers can come up with amounts to less than one degree Celsius above the global temperature baseline.

Extreme global warming capable of meaningfully impacting the weather remains a figment of climate computer simulations that never check out when compared to real world observations.  They continually predict higher temperatures than actually occur.

Hyping hot days as climate and poo-pooing cold days as weather is one of the oldest tricks in the global warming playbook.

So is attributing extreme weather to climate change by obscuring the fact that today’s weather is normal outside the alternate world of computer simulations.

We live in the real Earth, not a computer derived Matrix. 

Weather, as it always has, remains the average of extremes.  Exploiting extreme weather to score propaganda points is a shameful tactic.  Warming campaigners should knock it off.  The media should do its job and fact check this kind of fake climate news out of existence.


  1. Alan Montgomery June 21, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    I don’t hear any alarmist crying about the cold wet winter and spring we’re having here in Vancouver BC! Why not? Oh it’s just local weather unless it suits the agenda!

    • CFACT Ed June 21, 2017 at 12:03 PM

      Science that can’t be disproved is not science. The climateers can’t have it both ways. Keep warm in BC.

  2. Clay Fitzgerald June 21, 2017 at 12:55 PM

    In May of 1970, while serving in the U.S. Army, I was posted to Fort Huachuca, AZ, the elevation is 4,600 ft. MSL. Daytime temperature exceeded 100 degrees nearly everyday. The elevation at Phoenix is about 3,600 ft. lower so daytime temperature in the range of that currently being reported are not unusual so cannot not be attributed climate change caused by human activity.

    • Dave Bufalo June 21, 2017 at 6:09 PM

      I was posted at FHU from June 1967 to June 1969. After my Army service, I continued to live in southern AZ until about 1971. I returned again to live in Tempe from 1972 to 1974. Summer time temperature routinely got up to around 120. I survived just fine.

  3. kate777 June 21, 2017 at 1:36 PM

    Arizona has hot and cold weather, the Northern and Eastern part of Arizona has the cold weather or cooler weather whereas below the Rim-South and West have the hot and warm weather with a portion of lower East being both hot and cold. Anyone who has lived in Arizona for most of their lives know that the weather varies from year to year and depending if the State is in a drought or not. Many of the Extreme Climate Change believers are young who haven’t lived through all the different degrees Arizona can have so they swallow the propaganda that Al Gore and the Democrats shell out. The World’s Climate has changed since it was created, it was meant to be that way. Environmentalist worry about the various animal populations disappearing, they would have been really yelling about Climate Change when the dinosaurs died out. Unfortunately some animals time on this earth is limited, just as man’s time, not a thing to be done but just realize this is the Plan Our Maker Has Laid Out For US All. Meanwhile back at the ranch, there are various town city councils that wish to Waste More of the Taxpayers money on Climate Committees and Consultants.

    • HCUA June 21, 2017 at 3:30 PM

      The temperature varies from year to year? How about day to day? It was 116 in Tucson yesterday, so, I decided to not play baseball. My pals did, though, because it was only around 90 at 8 a.m. It was the very first time that I did not go because someone said that it would be hot. When I was 75 or 76, I caught the game, 7 innings, because no-one else would catch. It was in July, and I lost exactly ten pounds. No-one died of the heat that day, least of all me. The game was late morning.
      I will skip practice tomorrow, because my gal worries about me, as I am 83.
      Next week, it will be back to normal, around 100 or so. I will go back to the ball field then. I could have played yesterday.

      • kate777 June 21, 2017 at 3:58 PM

        Yes, correct as temperatures do vary from day to day. But the Climate Change alarmists would have you to believe that those temperatures are unnaturally high. I’m in my mid 70’s and have seen Arizona get extreme over the years as well as staying mostly normal with temperatures expected. The Obama EPA and ole Al Gore would have you to believe the World is going to burn up. If it does, it won’t be to Climate Change but the coming of Christ.

  4. DD June 21, 2017 at 1:56 PM

    Lived in the Phoenix area in 1975. It was over 110 for weeks on end that summer. How do I remember? I was pregnant, living in a house with an inefficient swamp cooler, felt like I was going to self-combust. Record highs in the mid 120’s were being set. Records are meant to be broken, regardless of what the gang-green think.

    • Pam Dunn June 21, 2017 at 5:38 PM

      I was in Phoenix in the 1970’s and saw the temp over 110 degrees and THEN it rained; Took the crease out of permanent press instantly. Once we made thee MISTAKE of going camping at Lake Mohave by Bullhead City, 120 degrees in the shade !!

  5. Kevin June 21, 2017 at 2:46 PM

    Many years ago (early 1990s) I flew into Phoenix for a technical society conference, and while on final descent, I noticed how many swimming pools there were in the surrounding suburbs (like maybe 1 home in 3). I had never seen that many pools in a residential neighborhood before, and it didn’t take long for me to remember, “Oh, this is Arizona; it gets HOT here in the summertime!” Duh!

  6. HCUA June 21, 2017 at 3:17 PM

    We had 116 in Tucson yesterday. Phoenix is usually about 7 degrees hotter. I had 96 in my house yesterday because my coolers were not cooling me. I think that it was due to some humidity that came about. Anyway, I survived. If we really had global warming, I could be in trouble.
    Heat is standard in Arizona. It happens every year. It does cut down some on illegal immigration, though. That is one benefit, for awhile.

  7. Bruce Atchison June 22, 2017 at 3:03 PM

    Odd how these warmists get all worked up over a heat wave in one part of the world and then condemn non-warmists for noting cold snaps, like we have in Alberta. They also fault us for confusing weather with climate, then they do the exact same thing. The truth is that climate is always changing. The sun drives all but a tiny fraction of the warmth or cold we experience. Human-caused heating is insignificant, even at our current level of industrialization.

    It’s useless arguing the facts with deluded followers of CAGWA. The folks we need to persuade are those who have no definite opinion on this supposed crisis. They need to know about all the lies and fudged figures from climate scientists who stand to benefit from this hoax. They also need to know that the question is far from settled. The climate change emperor has no clothes!

  8. Drtender June 24, 2017 at 6:35 PM

    It’s cold in Chicago these days. Some warming would be welcome

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