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  • Killing marine life with ethanol

    Paul Driessen explains the damage done to the Gulf of Mexico from nitrogen fertilizer runoff that flows down the Mississippi and creates massive dead zones (no oxygen) that kill marine life. This is on top of other problems caused by adding ethanol to gasoline — poor engine performance, higher food prices, and more

  • Big Green’s lethal agenda

    Paul Driessen explains that the Deep Ecologists and their allies who endorse “sustainability,” the “precautionary principle,” and other barriers to resource development that would improve human lives must answer for the millions of premature (often women and children) deaths that are the result of their policies. He says these people are callous and indifferent to human suffering.

  • Needed: U.S. natural gas exports

    The U.S. today has the resources to counter such moves as Russia’s recent cutoff of natural gas shipments to Ukraine and the ISIS surge in Iraq that threatens that nation’s oil and gas deliveries. The simple changes in law and policy needed to expedite the growth of the U.S. LNG business are to (a) open up federal lands and waters to drilling, and in particular, hydrofracking, and (b) expedite approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy of LNG export plans that would bring jobs for out-of-work Americans and tax revenues to state and local governments.

  • Fixing our dictatorial EPA

    The Obama Administration in 2013 alone imposed $1.86 trillion in new annual regulatory compliance costs for U.S. businesses and families, almost guaranteeing a flat economy at best. While only a few Americans consider environmental issues to be urgent, the EPA and the White House are doubling down on power generation, forcing prices upward and pressing for the shutdown of 40% of the U.S. energy base. All of this using “scientific research” (a) they they cannot even find, (b) that is “peer reviewed” only by cronies, or (c) that is tainted by massive contributions to advocacy groups like the American Lung Association. CFACT’s Paul Driessen urges state and federal lawmakers and executives, and citizen and scientific groups, to take legal action and other steps to reverse this pattern of wanton disregard for the U.S. economiuc

  • What’s really behind anti-Keystone fanaticism?

    CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen reports that Big Green sees the Keystone XL pipeline as THE symbol of its anti-hydrocarbon crusade — and that wealthy liberal foundations, billionair Tom Steyer, and Hollywood elites have poured hundreds of millions — even billions — of dollars into ensuring that the pipeline will never get approval. They are in for the kill and smell the blood of anyone with ties to coal, oil, and even natural gas. And this is what is killing the U.S. economy.

  • The loony anti-Keystone campaign

    CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen shows the power of the Big Green lobby, backed by $80 billion in gifts from wealthy liberal foundations ilke the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 2000, have created a false flag campaign of hatred against the Keystone XL pipeline — which has become THE symbol of Big Green environmentalism’s immutable opposition to … and hatred of … anything hydrocarbon.

  • Manmade “climate disruption” – the hype and reality

    CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen lists several reasons that the National Climate Assessment is borderline science fiction and has little basis in reality — to distract the public from real issues; to justify job-killing regulatory policies; to obscure real-world climate changes; to protect and expand the flow of money to political friends and cronies; and to drive an agenda that is designed, in the words of Chief Science Advisor John Holdren, to “de-develop” the United States.

  • Should California dictate U.S. energy policies?

    The Golden state of California is impoverishing its citizens with higher prices for energy of all kinds — and boasting of its energy “progress” which it is gaining at the expense of other states and even countries. While, thanks in large part to hydrofracturing technology, the U.S. has cut oil imports from 60% to just 28% of its total needs, California’s oil production fulfills just 38% of its needs, and 29% of its electricity comes from out-of-state. Gasoline prices are the second highest in the nation — and are projected to rise another 170% over the next decade. And Californians pay twice the national average for residential electricity.

  • EPA’s Tower of Pisa policies

    As dangerous as current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and her former colleague Al Amendariz were, recent revelations indicate that two other EPA officials — convicted felon John Beale and Robert Brenner — may have been much worse. The pair concocted the sue-and-settle scheme that provides virtual kickbacks to “friendly” plaintiffs. They also manipulated scientific studies and even authorized illegal experiments on human test subjects to “justify” extremely stringent EPA regulations that slow or reverse business development — and now the EPA claims it cannot find the scientific data upon which some major job-killing rules were supposedly based.

  • More fraudulent science from EPA

    The EPA is at it again — using fraudulent science to justify lowering automotive sulfur content from 30 ppm to 10 ppm — after already reducing the sulfur allowable from 300 to 30 ppm just since 2004. EPA makes the bold, fraudulent claim that the rules will cost consumers less than a penny a gallon. Meanwhile, EPA has doled out $181 million to 15 of its Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee members in grants since 2000, which hardly makes them independent. CFACT’s Paul Driessen makes a strong case for ending million-dollar payoffs to advisory groups and much more effective legislative and judiciary oversight of unaccountable government agenices like the EPA.

  • Flight of the honeybees’ commercial keepers

    Almond lovers must also be bee lovers, and it takes 1.5 million beehives to ensure the annual California almond crop — 80% of the world’s total. But risk, mites, and disease plague hives — and the convergence of so many bees creates a hotbed of viruses and pathogens. This — and not neonicotinoid pesticides — is the most likely threat to bee populations in the U.S. Part 2 will explain this in more detail.

  • U.S. electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned, we are told. Will President Obama be playing golf when terrorists attack the U.S. power grid so as to force a massive, multi-state blackout? Or will he and colleagues like Secretary of State Kerry and EPA Administrator McCarthy remain wholly focused on their own efforts to shut down the power grid through regulations and (as they did with BenGhazi and the Fort Hood shooter) refuse even to brand such an act as terrorist?

  • Carbon benefits trump costs by up to 500 to 1!

    EPA assumes zero benefits from the burning of fossil fuels while proclaiming heavy costs from increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Now, as Greens push for increasing the alleged “social cost of carbon” from the current 36/ton (up from $22/ton back in 2010) to an astonishing $43/ton, Roger Bezdek and Paul Driessen show that EPA is violating federal law (including Executive Order 12866) by ignoring the massive benefits to society (some $70 trillion in the U.S. alone) from fossil fuels use.

  • Carbon benefits exceed costs by up to 500:1

    To justify their steady stream of anti-fossil fuel “climate change prevention” regulations, the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and other federal agencies have invented the “social cost of carbon” concept. It attaches arbitrary monetary values to the alleged impacts of using hydrocarbons and emitting carbon dioxide – and thereby enables government agencies to say the energy that powers 80% of our U.S. economy imposes enormous costs on society … which expensive, punitive regulations will prevent. However, the entire exercise is arbitrary, of questionable merit and validity, illegal, and even fraudulent. Most ridiculous of all, in violation of an important 1993 executive order, the federal methodology does not even consider one single aspect of the countless benefits that hydrocarbon energy provides to modern societies. In fact, if they considered both costs and benefits of carbon and carbon dioxide, federal officials would find that the benefits of carbon outweigh the costs by as much as 500 to 1!

  • The ignorance and hypocrisy behind oil export bans

    U.S. oil and gas production was already declining when the 1973 Arab oil embargo sent oil and gasoline prices skyrocketing and created block-long lines at gas stations. Increased domestic production could have eased the supply and price crunch, but the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill had resulted in congressional leasing and drilling moratoriums on federal […]