The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2011

CONTACT: Audrey Mullen, +1 (703) 548-1160

CFACT to debunk climate propaganda and provide

balanced perspective at UN’s COP17 in Durban, South Africa

Lord Monckton, Marc Morano, Dr. Kelvin Kemm, Dr. Leon Louw, Craig Rucker

Available for all media

 Ready to rise above personal attacks, innuendo and unbalanced repetition of extreme global warming pronouncements?

Journalists seeking to improve upon the annual one-sided climate conference propaganda fest, kindly take notice:

CFACT, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (an international NGO and veteran of numerous UN conferences) is your go-to source to include balanced, open-minded perspective in your reporting.

CFACT will lead a learned, witty, well-informed, but unabashedly skeptical delegation to COP17, the UN Conference on Climate Change, November 28 to December 9 in Durban, South Africa.  CFACT’s delegation will be available for interviews and media appearances before, during and after COP17.

“Every December campaigners, bureaucrats and those seeking to cash in on climate, fly to a resort where the media parrots every dire or vitriolic pronouncement no matter how baseless or extreme,” said CFACT’s Craig Rucker who will lead the delegation.   “Polls show the public is tired of the hype and wants more.  CFACT is ready to clear the air once and for all.  Will the media rise to the occasion?”

Marc Morano, who publishes CFACT’s “Climate Depot” will feature his report “From A-Z” which details a full gamut of failures in the argument for global warming.

Lord Monckton and Marc Morano both make extremely articulate, informed and interesting guests on television and radio and offer valuable balance for print and online journalism.  Kelvin Kemm and Leon Louw will offer unique South African perspectives.  Craig Rucker co-founded CFACT well over two decades ago and offers a wealth of public policy experience.

Global warming science and policy is anything but settled.  CFACT looks forward to engaging in a balanced, civil, informed and genuine dialogue in Durban.

More details as well as contact information in Durban will be forthcoming at www.CFACT.tv.  Comment and news also at www.CFACT.org, www.CLIMATEDEPOT.com & www.CFACT.eu.

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