By Appeal-Democrat Editorial

Marysville, California.  It’s probably no coincidence that Gov. Jerry Brown recently launched a website to scare Californians into embracing his global-warming hype….  The state is about to launch a cap-and-trade scheme … ostensibly to fight global warming….

If Brown were more honest, he would acknowledge that his intention isn’t to curb global warming, which we and many scientists maintain is a highly disputable threat. If he were straightforward, Brown would explain to Californians that his cap-and-trade penalties on large industrial emitters of greenhouse gases are nothing but a disguised tax to raise billions to finance already overblown government operations.

The governor’s new website [is] a propaganda tool at taxpayer expense to refute critics of global warming alarmism….  You can find contrary views at the Climate Depot ( and Watts Up With That (www.wattsupwith   Both sites link to countless others that take views contrary to Brown’s.

What you won’t find on Brown’s government website is an even-handed treatment.  The governor invokes the demagogic claim that, “we need to end the climate change debate and focus on how to solve the problem.”

Pesky debates and their incessant habit of raising questions and offering contrary facts are anathema to Brown’s agenda, which is to push ahead with Draconian government regulations and revenue-raising schemes such as cap-and-trade authorized by Assembly Bill 32, the 2006 law known as the Global Warming Solutions Act.

California will begin auctions in November, which will set in motion a government-created, faux marketplace where emitters of greenhouse gases can buy permits to emit.

The scheme is projected by Brown to raise as much as $1 billion in its first year. It also will result in dramatically higher energy costs to industry and consumers, have a dampening effect on the economy and probably induce more companies and residents to relocate out of state….

We don’t know whether the governor believes his global warming hype, as misguided as we and others believe it to be. But we are certain the governor believes in extracting as much money in taxes, fees and by other means from the private sector to feed the government spending machine.

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