Senate Report: EPA’s coming regulatory onslaught

A look ahead to EPA regulations for 2013

President Obama’s EPA has an ambitious regulatory agenda on hold until after the November elections.

Win or lose they plan to unleash these regulations once they no longer have cause to fear the voters.

Senator James Inhofe and the minority staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works have released a report which details the EPA’s  radical and economically devastating regulatory agenda.

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About the Author: CFACT Ed

  1. so we.. the tax payers fund the EPA and now the eco-KOOKS at the EPA are going to attack the tax payer under the guise of junk science and cherry picked / manipulated fradulent data.

  2. V

    Why have I not been hearing anybody question Obama about the fact that it is HIS vision that directs the agencies?? They are the execution arm of the Executive Branch of government.

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