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The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow


Thursday, December 6, 2011


CFACT and Senator Inhofe call on UN to suspend climate treaty negotiations

16 years of no warming merits no new treaty

(Doha, Qatar) The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) held a press conference today calling on the UN to suspend all efforts to create a new global warming treaty.

“The Kyoto Protocol has not proven to be particularly effective at anything of consequence—except perhaps flying government officials around the world to enjoy exotic places like Bali, Poznan, Buenos Aires, Cancun, and Doha,” said Craig Rucker, Executive Director of CFACT.

Joining the press conference via video, U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) said, “It’s time to put an end to these lavish, absurd global warming conferences and focus on the real problems that we face as a country.” Inhofe, a leading critic of the UN climate treaty negotiations, continued, “The focus of this year’s global warming conference, like all the conferences before, is not about the environment. It’s about one thing: spreading the wealth around.”

CFACT also released a new report, “Extreme Weather 2012,” debunking claims that severe weather is becoming more frequent, a common assertion of global warming activists in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The author, Marc Morano, said his report “reveals that the latest peer-reviewed studies, data and analysis undermine the case that the weather is more ‘extreme’ or ‘unprecedented.’ On every key measure, claims of extreme weather in our current climate fail to hold up to scrutiny.”

Lord Christopher Monckton, leading climate skeptic, challenged an attempt by scientists at the University of East Anglia to predict a temperature increase of 6° C by 2100. “It was clear in talking to the author of the UEA paper that he had used only two years of CO2 emissions data,” said Monckton. “The UEA criticized us for using only sixteen years of temperature data to show there has been no global warming in that time. This is not science, it’s a sham,” he concluded.

Cathie Adams, International Issues Chairman of Texas Eagle Forum, commented on how the UNFCCC’s “paperless” initiative has led to less transparency in the negotiating process at COP 18.

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