New Kyoto commtiment period adopted. Developed nations assigned liability for climate “losses”

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COP 18 voted just minutes ago to create a “Doha Climate Gateway” and agreed to a second commitment period for the Kyoto protocol.  The U.S. remains out of the protocol, now joined by Russia, Japan and Canada.

The EU’s Connie Hedegaard just declared that Doha created a bridge to a “new regime” by 2015.

CFACT has seen this at UN climate conferences before.

The negotiations here in Doha went into overtime last night continuing until after 3AM.

They resumed this morning when negotiators sprung a dangerous proposal on the conference.  They inserted a “Loss & Damage Mechanism” into the final text which would require developed countries like the U.S. to pay poor nations for climate damages supposedly resulting from extreme weather events.

Just two days ago CFACT released a new report by Marc Morano at our press conference here, which revealed that the scientific literature shows no link between recent extreme weather events and global warming.

Don’t expect the negotiators to care about the facts or sound science. As Sen. Inhofe said at our press conference Thursday, “The focus of this year’s global warming conference, like all the conferences before, is not about the environment. It’s about one thing: spreading the wealth around.”

This morning, White House staffers were at the U.S. delegation’s desk with phones to each ear, apparently receiving marching orders from President Obama.  Will Obama yield to UN demands to accept liability for any chance storm that strikes a developing nation?

There has been no global warming for 16 years and the latest peer-reviewed studies, data and analyses undermine claims that the weather is more “extreme” or “unprecedented.” On every key measure, claims that extreme weather today has been caused by human economic activity fails to hold up to scrutiny.

We do not, cannot and never have caused severe weather.  We have always been generous when disaster strikes.  Our generosity is that of a good global Samaritan, not reparations.

The U.S. and the developed world must not empower the UN to order damages against our nations when severe weather strikes.


  1. Bernard December 8, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    Assigned by who?

  2. CFACT Ed December 9, 2012 at 4:32 AM

    Assigned by vote of the COP (Council of the Parties) at the UN conference in Qatar.

  3. JMAC December 9, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    Finally the West will have to face up to the beast they have created and either pay up on the landslide of litigation they will face or defend themselves. In the coming lawsuits their only defense is to use the actual science they have attempted to hide or crush. This AGW nightmare must come to an end as the science behind it (or lack thereof) will now be shown to be false.

  4. Tom Chechatka December 9, 2012 at 11:35 AM

    I would argue there is nothing wrong with organized efforts whose goal is “spreading the wealth around.” This end, however, is not the intention of the “Loss & Damage Mechanism.” Rather this mechanism’s principle objective is subjugating sovereign nation states to such imperial doctrines as the “climate change” crowd is being elevated to promote–indeed, aiming to smash the very notion of sovereign self-determination altogether. Such ideas seem lost on a modern-day American political class whose attitude toward founding documents representing the “Spirit of ’76” seems to relegate such notions as “a more perfect Union” and “the general Welfare” as quaint relics at best. The hoax that is “climate change” will not be relegated to the dustbin of history until every culture (these being generally formed by a common language) asserts its supreme right to sovereign self-determination, while at the same time the most profoundly effective political system yet to codify this right–the constitutional republic of the United States–elevates to a dominant position within its political class representatives who in fact understand the ways and means exercised by an ages old imperial enemy whose Venetian-modeled oligarchy has a history of pushing all manner of quackery in pursuit of a global empire serving the narrow interests of a privileged few, and this even though it can be shown theirs are ends promoting outright slavery (which end, by the way, those who hold high the fallacy of “free markets” are wittingly or unwittingly serving, as 19th century American economist Henry C. Carey well understood and, indeed, eloquently stated).

  5. Eckenhuijsen Smit December 11, 2012 at 6:45 AM

    The UN proves itself, at every possible occasion, to be a cesspool of excessively payed red/green criminals and other idiots.
    One way or another we should get rid of them as quickly as possible!

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