A tornado strikes, wreaking devastation.

We can only imagine how difficult it will be for those who have lost family or lost everything they own to rebuild their lives.

It is a time for sympathy, prayer and a helping hand.

We hope you will consider joining us at CFACT in making a donation to help. It is important to make your gift to a trusted, reliable charity such as the American Red Cross disaster relief fund, the State of Oklahoma’s OKStrong fund which is designed to help with victim’s long-term needs, or the Salvation Army’s relief fund.

While so many Americans were digging deep and finding ways to help, within hours climate campaigners seized on the tragedy to advance their agenda.

Marc Morano of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service reports today that Senator Barbara Boxer looked at recent deadly tornadoes and proclaimed, “This is climate change.”

We have news for you Senator: No, it’s not.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods andBoxer exploits tornadoes fires are natural. Temperature records show only a handful of years reaching even 1/2 degree above average during modern times and they show no warming at all since the late nineties. Not the sort of thing to cause a devastating tornado.

Yet Senator Boxer used recent tragic tornadoes as a rationale for her plans for a carbon tax.

Does anyone actually believe that the Oklahoma tornado would never have developed, or would have caused less harm, if we had a carbon tax in place?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took to the floor of the Senate to join Boxer in exploiting the tornadoes to advance the global warming agenda:

“Why do you care? Why do you, Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, care if we Republicans run off the climate cliff like a bunch of proverbial lemmings and disgrace ourselves? I’ll tell you why. We’re stuck in this together. We are stuck in this together.When cyclones tear up Oklahoma and hurricanes swamp Alabama and wildfires scorch Texas, you come to us, the rest of the country, for billions of dollars to recover. And the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn’t just hit Oklahoma and Alabama and Texas. It hits Rhode Island with floods and storms. It hits Oregon with acidified seas, it hits Montana with dying forests.”

Exploiting natural disasters as Boxer, Whitehouse and others have done, is shameless. It flies in the face of science. It assumes our attention spans are too short to remember our own history. There were tornadoes before there was industry. There will still be tornadoes, hurricanes and the rest no matter what new taxes and regulations are adopted in Washington.

When they are through taxing us, will we still have the prosperity it takes to prepare for natural disasters and rush aid to those in need?


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.