Russia has raised its indictments for piracy against Greenpeace campaigners to 14.

Thirty from Greenpeace remain behind bars in the Russian city of Murmansk, as Russian authorities continue their investigation and prosecution for the boarding of Russia’s Prirazlomnaya oil platform in the Pechora Sea.  Russian security officers fired automatic Machine gun fireweapons as a warning, seized the vessel Arctic Sunrise and towed it into Murmansk.  (Details here and here).

The parents of those accused are upset and pleading for their children’s release.  The BBC quotes the father of Alex Harris, a Greenpeace communications employee, as saying, “She was just looking forward to seeing polar bears and never thought for one minute this sort of thing would happen.”Greenpeace campaigner behind bars in russia 2

The father of detained Greenpeace crewman Kiernan Bryan is trying to distance his son from the rest because he carried a video camera; labeling him a “videographer and freelance journalist.”  Mr. Bryan’s father apparently hopes that his son will receive a softer outcome than the rest if they can trigger international customs in place for the protection of journalists.

The Russian investigation continues with more indictments expected.

Polar Bear wth cubs 2


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