President Obama’s EPA has made history by bypassing Congress and proposing the first-ever carbon restriction on coal-fired power plants.

This new environmental regulation would truly be a game changer.

It would effectively prohibit construction of new coal power plants, drastically increase energy prices for all Americans, and – worst of all – is based entirely on over-hyped global warming “junk science.” We can’t let it stand!

Please click here right away and sign CFACT’s National Petition for Affordable Energy, and help us fight back against the EPA’s dangerous and unaffordable global warming agenda!

Back in 2008 during his first presidential campaign, candidate Obama threatened to “bankrupt” anyone who tries to build a coal power plant in the United States.

And now, five years later, he is making good on that promise.

America has an abundant supply of coal, yet President Obama would prevent us from benefiting from one of our most precious resources while China, India, and other nations are increasing their use of coal every day.

Coal-firNew York City Lightsed power plants currently provide about 40 percent of America’s electricity, but with one sweeping set of bureaucratic regulations, the President and his bureaucratic allies are trying to single-handedly bring America’s energy production to a screeching halt.

The EPA wants you to believe that by cutting off coal-powered electricity, it can stop “man-made global warming.”

Never mind the fact that, even according to the UN’s own Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there has been NO global warming whatsoever for the past 17 years!

We can’t let these ideologically charged, scientifically bogus, and unaffordable regulations go through.

We must take a stand against them right now!

Please help us do that by signing CFACT’s National Petition for Affordable Energy right away.

This has to be where we make our stand, my friend. We MUST not let the United States become the next coal-restricted country.

In Germany, Spain, and Britain, for example, draconian environmental restrictions have made “energy poverty” an everyday reality for millions of people.

Some working-class Germans can only afford to use 5-watt light bulbs in their kitchens and can barely heat their homes in the winter. Some have become so desperate they’ve gone back to cutting down forests for firewood, all because their own government has intentionally made electricity too expensive!

And in Britain, electricity prices have shot up more than 50% since 2005!

Once energy becomes unaffordable, the prices of food, manufacturing, and transportation follow suit.

Did you know Spain’s unemployment rate has now reached a staggering 26%?! Experts credit much of this disastrous condition to the country’s failed Green energy policies.

If we don’t stop the EPA’s new restrictions on coal, Germany’s, Britain’s, and Spain’s present will become our future. Barack Obama and the EPA are determined to follow in Europe’s footsteps in the name of stopping “man-made global warming.”

And we have to stop them. Please, stand with us today.

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency is allowing a “public comment period” on its proposed coal regulations.

It’s the perfect opportunity to flood them with petitions demanding that they keep American energy affordable and refuse to give into the “junk science” of the radical global warming lobby!

A strong show of support might also embolden some on Capitol Hill to reign in the out-of-control EPA.

But our strength lies in numbers, which is why CFACT has set an ambitious but attainable initial goal of 50,000 petition signatures in the next 30 days.

We urgently need your help to meet that goal.

It’s the only way to make our voices heard by the bureaucrats in the EPA, the media, and other policymakers in Washington.

So please, my friend, don’t wait another minute. Help us stand up for sound science. Help us protect American energy and the American economy.

Please sign CFACT’s National Petition for Affordable Energy right away.

Peition stop the war on energy

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