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Dr. Roy Spencer is principle research scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville.  He is the science team leader for NASA’s Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer and recipient of NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for his work with global temperature monitoring satellites.

As the UN prepares to gather for 2013’s most important climate conference, in Warsaw, Poland, Dr. Spencer continues to highlight one of the most glaring weaknesses in the UN’s take on climate science.  IPCC computer models continue to predict a warmer world than that which real world temperature observations show.  Although Dr. Spencer has no trouble illustrating what he terms the climate model’s “epic fail,” in a way any educated observer can clearly perceive, the new IPCC report brazenly ignores the data and instead raises the IPCC’s declared confidence in its global warming assessment to 95%.

The global warming folks can’t seem to help continually going all in, apparently blithe to the damage their inflated claims do to their credibility.  Their unfounded declarations of 95% confidence in the IPCC assessment, or their made up 97% “consensus” of climate scientists, sounds to the unbiased observer, not like the sober statements we expect from science, but more like a tin-pot dictator declaring his latest 95% election win.

Roy Spencer senate hearingDr. Spencer recently wryly observed that, “while they said they were 95% certain that most of the warming since the 1950s was due to human greenhouse gas emissions, what they meant to say was that they are 95% sure their climate models are warming too much.  Honest mistake. Don’t you think? Maybe?”

Hundreds of billions of dollars are now annually being thrown into global warming policies.  Even in the unlikely event that the IPCC  is actually 95% correct on the science, this massive expenditure is wholly ineffectual at altering the climate in any meaningful way.

With so much wealth being transferred, CFACT is prepared to raise its assessment to 99% that the warming folks mistakes are not made quite so honestly.  Unlike the IPCC, CFACT looks forward with great confidence to real world data putting our assessment to the test.


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