During the run-up to every major UN global warming conference, warming-funded researchers, climate campaign organizations and the go-along media find news events and research reports to hype.  COP 19 is no exception.

Temperatures have been flat since the nineties and climate models embarrassingly project higher temperatures than observations show.  This deprives the warming industry of the opportunity to make the claim it would most like to make — that the Earth has actually warmed as they said it would.  Absent this, they find other things to hype.

So far this year’s favorite has been the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, conveniently ignoring the fact that whatever the concentration of CO2 may be, temperatures have yet to behave as the models claimed they would.

This week they found a new one and it’s a whopper.  Climate campaigners are claiming (with no real-world basis) that typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, which just struck the Philippines and China is the result of global warming.  In short, they blame this storm on you for living in an industrialized, free society.  Climate campaigners 350.org went so far as to call the typhoon “a Wake-Up Call for UN Climate Summit.”  “The timing is tragically ironic,” they wrote, “one of the strongest storms ever recorded — smashes into the Philippines, sending millions fleeing for safety, negotiators from around the world are beginning to arrive in Warsaw, Poland for the latest installment of the UniMoranoProfileted Nations Climate Talks.”

Marc Morano at CFACT’s Climate Depot went into action and quickly assembled a large and authoritative body of evidence and analysis showing that while Haiyan/Yolanda was a large typhoon which caused real damage to lives and property, there is nothing historically unique about it.   See Marc’s special report at ClimateDepot.com.  Nonetheless media organizations from CBS, the BBC, the Washington and Huffington Posts, etc. exaggerated the strength of the storm by up to 50 mph.

Keep in mind that those attributing Haiyan/Yolanda, Sandy, Katrina or other large storms to global warming must ignore the fact that temperature records show no warming since the nineties and little before that.  It takes an either particularly credulous or devious mind to assert that storms are affected by a small number of years coming in at around 0.4 degrees above average.  Particularly while the Atlantic is enjoying one of the gentlest hurricane years on record.

A similar situation occurred at last year’s COP 18 in Doha, Qatar where, Naderev M. Sano of the Phillipines made a tear-filled speech saying, “I appeal to the leaders from all over the world to open our eyes to the stark reality which we face…. please let Doha be remembered as the place where we found the political will to turn things around and let 2012 be remembered as the year the world found the couCOP 18 Phillipines delegate Naderev Sano tear filled speech CFACTrage to take responsibility for the future we want.”

We must stand with the Philippines and with all people when nature strikes, yet soberly remember that what nature does is natural and not man-made.   Climate models may project that in the future enough warming will occur due to man’s activities to impact severe storms, however, that has yet to occur.

As the graph above shows, ocean temperatures, like land temperatures show very little warming and little or none recently.  Some warmists claim that the warming is hidden far below in the ocean depths, where it cannot be measured.  They expect us to except this extraordinary assertion essentially on faith.  Let’s save faith for religious matters and evaluate the climate through rigorous and verifiable scientific observation.

Natural disasters: fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, etc. will continue to strike in the future as they always have.  The correct course of action is preparation, followed by search, rescue and coordinated response.   Unscientifically hyping these events as being caused by warming which has not yet meaningfully occurred is irresponsible and should be stopped.  It is the media’s responsibility to debunk sensationalist claims when the facts are not behind them.  When the media fails it is up to us and those like us to find the facts and accurately report.


Never let the global warming folks shake you down, but always be ready with a helping hand for those whom nature places in need.

There are many ways to help  the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda and the great people of the Philippines.

Here are a reputable few.  Click to view and help: