Perhaps given the chance to avert public eyes from his lackluster results with
containing the deteriorating situation in Syria, nuclear talks with Iran, and the Middle
East peace process, Secretary of State John Kerry has chosen to flaunt his lack of scientific
understanding as a needed diversion.

Kerry described those who do not accept that human activity causes global warming
as “shoddy scientists” and “extreme ideologues,” and said big companies and special
interests should not be allowed to “hijack” the climate debate. “Climate change can
now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world’s most
fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

These sound-bite alarmism utterances from an ideologue lacking scientific training
himself, shoddy or otherwise, are consistent with a special-interest politician always
alert to the political climate. By unilaterally labeling a fundamental, natural feature of
Earth itself a “weapon of mass destruction,” Kerry has now redefined “original sin” as
being the result of excess man-made carbon dioxide. He has removed the path of
redemption from the hands of traditional religion and proclaimed salvation in
government-imposed “global warming pollution reduction.” The failed 2010
Kerry/Lieberman “American Power Act” apparently lives on in Kerry’s psyche.

Kerry UNLet Kerry produce the impartial evidence that would quantify how much human
activity has caused how much global warming (or cooling). The inherently chaotic
nature of climate has defied attempts of climate modelers to accurately predict the
future climate. What is “normal climate” is heavily dependent on the time period and
geographic place chosen. The scientific record shows no global warming for the past
16 years, even as atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased about 9 percent. True
“weapons of mass destruction” have reliable on-off switches, well-calculated
destructive impacts, and specific targets.

“Climate change” has been coopted by the progressive/liberal movement as something
akin to the “universal solvent.” It is the term used to explain any untoward event
anywhere, and direct blame to all of mankind…but with the exception of the ruling
class. It is the term that brings visions of guaranteed profits to the corporate cronyist,
endless government research grants to compliant scientists, and elitist political control
of the populace, whose function is reduced to paying for the scam.


Charles Battig, M.D., Piedmont Chapter president, VA-Scientists and Engineers for
Energy and Environment (VA-SEEE). His website is

This  commentary first appeared in the American Thinker blog  at

Kerry Quixote Global Warming

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