Statement by CFACT’s Marc Morano

on the 2014

National Climate Assessment Report

Climate Depot's Marc Morano

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano

‘This report is a misdirection.

Obama has entered his second term lame duck status and with climate executive orders he does not need Congress to ‘do something’ about global warming.

This report is contrary to peer-reviewed studies and observations. By every measure, so called extreme weather is showing no trend or declining trends on 50-100 year timescales. Droughts, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes are not increasing due to man-made global warming.

Why does the report now call ‘global warming’ a new name, so-called ‘climate disruption’? Simple answer: Due to earth’s failure to warm — no global warming for nearly 18 years – another name was necessary to attempt to gin up fear. Now every storm is offered up as some sort of ‘proof’ of global warming.

This report is pre-determined science. They chose scientists and activists who agreed with their climate narrative and they endorsed scary predictions of the future.’


John Coleman on climate assessment 2014

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