Randall Munroe who draws the comic xkcd did this illustration of the worst hurricane people might remember (larger view).  He used data from the North Atlantic Hurricane Database (HURDAT) and rainfall data from NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) for the years 1914-2014.

It does a nice job of illustrating that hurricanes occur naturally, with the worst of them occurring over a wide span of years.

Munroe tends to be fully on board with the global warming narrative.  Nonetheless, we enjoy his creativity (particularly on tech issues) and data is data.

Among the most shameless and least scientific tactics in the global warming playbook, is the trumpeting of strong storms and other weather events as the results of CO2 emissions.  They do this to motivate the uneducated, whom they believe will only fall into line if they believe the effects of any global warming will be experienced by them personally, rather than by future generations.

Scientific data consistently shows today’s storm and weather activity to be historically normal.

Marc Morano has documented repeatedly over at Climate Depot that U.S. hurricane experience has been historically low during recent years.  The frequency and severity of  tornadoes, droughts and wildfires are likewise low to normal.

The small amount of global warming that occurred during the second half of the 20th century (with no meaningful warming this century) is simply too small to account for current weather events.

Keep this in mind when climate campaigners, or worse, elected officials such as Senator Barbara Boxer, Governor Andrew Cuomo, or even the President of the United States attribute naturally variable weather to your over-the-top SUV driving, food refrigerating, air conditioned, free market  lifestyle.

Hottest ever?  That’s propaganda.  There’s nothing hot about less than half a degree Celsius.

Computer models place any meaningful global warming and any meaningful warming impact on the weather a long way off.   Real world temperature data reveals computer models projecting higher temperatures than have actually occurred.   Whether future temperatures will ever verify the models remains to be seen.  So far, they’re not looking good.

UK met office temperature anomalies chart Aug 2013

World temperature data shows too little temperature fluctuation to drive hurricanes or other current weather


xkcd via creative commons license.


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