Did you know that there are over 26,500 Green groups registered in the United States today?

Did you know that they’ve received well over $40 billion over the last decade or so?  And that’s just from foundations.  They’ve gotten billions more from lawsuits, government grants and individual donations.

How would you like to know which three Big Green pressure groups together fleeced the taxpayers for over half a billion dollars?

How would you like to know which Big Green campaigners used global warming as an excuse to send armed soldiers to evict Africans from their village in Uganda, then bulldozed their homes to enable them to cash in on millions from a carbon credit scheme?

We’ve gathered these and many more of the unbelievable facts you need to know about the green elite that wants to rule our lives in one electronic volume.

CFACT is proud to announce the release of our new book, Cracking Big Green.

Most of our friends who follow CFACT are well acquainted with the outstanding level of scholarship we have come to rely on from Paul Driessen and Ron Arnold.  They spend countless hours digging deep to uncover the vital facts we can depend on; the kind of hard facts that expose the Green-Left’s waste, abuse and hypocrisy and drive them absolutely nuts.

They’d rather keep this information to themselves, but not with CFACT on the job.

These two outstanding scholars have done it again.  Cracking Big Green is packed Driessen and Arnoldwith facts, figures and sixteen cases that detail the Green-Left’s relentless pursuit of money and power and the massive harm they do to people and our planet.

Cracking Big Green is now available for purchase for only $4.99 at the Amazon Kindle store.  I hope you’ll buy a copy today and tell all your friends about it.

Don’t have a Kindle?  Download the free Kindle app and start reading now.  CBG will be available in the weeks ahead for Apple, Nook, Kobo and just about every electronic format you can think of.

The first edition of Cracking Big Green is exclusively an E-book to keep our production costs low.  We want as many people as possible to benefit from the information packed into CBG, and electronic publication enables us to offer it at a price that should give no one a moment’s pause.

So please head over to the Kindle store and invest the best $4.99 you’ll spend this year.

For years we’ve watched environmental groups abandon conservation in favor of bureaucracy, power and control.  We’ve watched them use the power of government regulation to redistribute wealth from hard-working taxpayers to the pockets of a moneyed Green elite.  We’ve watched in horror at the harm they do to Earth and man.

Facts are powerful things.

Buy your copy of Cracking Big Green today and learn the sorry truth about the threat Big Green represents to freedom, prosperity and the land we love.

Share the facts with a friend and let’s expose the Big Green threat together — while there is still time.

If you enjoy Cracking Big Green as much as I think you will, please head back over to Amazon and say so in the comments.  Your recommendation to your fellow readers is crucial and we appreciate it.  Share on Facebook, too.

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Big Green evicts Ugandans


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