Greenpeace has caused outrage throughout Peru by thoughtlessly desecrating Incan cultural sites as part of its global warming campaign.

CFACT’s Craig Rucker took them on at their COP 20 press conference.

Watch CFACT’s exclusive video now.

Greenpeace has a long history of cultural insensitivity and giving offense to indigenous people.

Greenpeace’s propaganda-heavy attacks on whaling and sealing for years barred many Inuit peoples from their ancestral hunts and a vital source of income.  Although Greenpeace reversed itself and now supports their right to hunt, the Inuit are not prepared to forget.

As Rucker pointed out, this latest heavy-handed trespassing on the cultural sensitivities of indigenous Peruvians represents a new black eye for Greenpeace.

The Greenpeace campaigners may face jeopardy similar to their colleagues who were recently jailed in Russia for trespassing at an oil rig.  Peruvian officials are threatening to detain and try the latest group of Greenpeace trespassers under the nation’s cultural protection laws which carry potential prison sentences.

Greenpeace now says that, “without reservation Greenpeace apologizes to the people of Peru for the offense caused.”  Let’s see whether Peruvian officials are willing to accept.

Greenpeace Macchu Picchu

Greenpeace Nazca lines


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