West Virginia school children and children across the nation need your help again and they need it now.

West Virginia is revising its science teaching standards to fall in line with proposed national standards designed to function liSchool girlke a “common core” for science.

Global warming campaigners see these national standards as a chance to indoctrinate school children about climate and to stifle discussion of any scientific data which does not fit the warming narrative.

CFACT recently testified at a meeting of the West Virginia Board of Education in favor of minor amendments to the curriculum which would better reflect the full scientific discussion on climate.   We argued that students should be exposed to all of the scientific data and analysis on climate, not be limited to what warming pressure groups want them to see.

The Board voted to further consider the matter and is getting close to reaching a decision.  They’ve asked for additional public comment.

Please take a moment to email your comment in favor of a balanced climate curriculum right away to West Virginia science coordinator Robin Sizemore: [email protected].

A great many of CFACT’s friends and readers took action and sent in their comments on round one.  Time to stand up again.

Is it heresy for science students to see the observed global temperature data which shows that climate computer models have called for a warmer world than measurements show since last century? How about that weather extremes are historically normal and sea level continues to rise at only 3 mm per year? Must they be shielded from any data inconvenient to the global warming narrative?

The true mind of science never stops examining the facts and fears no data, no matter how inconvenient it may be.  There is no more important lesson science students need to learn.


Take action

Email your comment on West Virginia’s

global warming teaching standards today to:

Robin Sizemore

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Here’s what CFACT sent in:

Subject line:

Protect students’ rights to all the facts about the climate


The Board of Education should ensure that its science standards permit students to examine and learn from all the data and analysis about global warming.

Must students be made ignorant of scientific data which shows that over the last 18 years climate computer models have consistently projected a warmer world than scientific observations record? Global warming has not occurred as projected during the entire lifetime of today’s school children.

Should the actual recorded data of world temperature, sea levels, storms, droughts, floods and all the rest be banned from our classrooms? Is comparing this data to the pronouncements of highly funded global warming pressure groups heresy?

Claims of an overwhelming scientific global warming consensus have been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.

The discussion is far from over. The true mind of science remains open to new data and alternative explanations. Whether and how much of the approximately 1/2 degree C of warming which occurred in the latter half of the 20th century is due to human industry has not been conclusively established. Neither have any of the incredibly expensive “solutions” proposed to address any global warming been shown to be meaningfully effective or worth their tremendous cost.

The Board owes every child an open-minded education free of indoctrination.


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