As Pope Francis visits America, CFACT is pleased to present a must-read Climate Depot exclusive report.

The media, political leaders, the public — and certainly many Catholics — are confused about the Pope’s involvement in the global warming debate.

Clear away the confusion! Read Climate Depot’s comprehensive special report on the Pope’s foray into man-made global warming politics and science.

This report from Marc Morano, founder of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, summarizes the most common questions about the Pope and climate and gives readers easy-to-understand talking points about the Pope’s involvement.

Is the Pope’s message so powerful that even Al Gore is considering becoming a Catholic? Or is the Pope leading Catholics into a deeply secular Green movement?

This new report will clear up the misconceptions.  It is a report that anyone, no matter what his or her faith, will learn from.

Climate Depot Special report on Papal enyclical

Read the report

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